Ambipar has developed a removal System for GAC (Granular Activated Carbon), that will allow for the safe transfer of Carbon from filter to filter, removal and bagging and reloading; minimising the costs of unforeseen remedial works when required.

This eliminates the need for Bulk Transfer Tankers, additional reactivation costs ahead of planned schedules, and the need to have to transport the media off-site, the system also allows for the removal of carbon that is unsuitable for reactivation.

The system works by utilising a water-driven educator system, GAC is then passed over a vibrating dewatering screen, where the dewatered carbon is discharged directly into a 1M3 Bulk Bag.

Water is then discharged into a holding tank and re-used to drive the edactor. The system comes with its own generator and electric booster pump. Ensuring works can be carried out on sites with limited access and services.

GAC can either be stored on site, should remedial works be required within the filter, or transported of site for reactivation.

The equipment can also be utilised for loading carbon on site, direct from Bulk Bags by gravity feeding the carbon into the edactor hopper.