More than 500 emergency response bases spread throughout the world, with service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to registered clients.

Highly qualified professionals utilising state-of-the-art technological equipment, and employing techniques aligned with globally recognised safety protocols to ensure service excellence.


Accident Prevention

Ambipar boasts a technical team comprising individuals with Doctorates and Master’s Degrees in Natural Sciences, as well as engineers (specialising in Environmental, Chemical, and Occupational Safety), Oceanographers, Biologists, and Environmental Managers. Together, they design engineering studies aimed at accident prevention across various transportation modes, industrial facilities, port terminals and offshore environments.

These endeavours are supported by a robust geoprocessing platform utilising geographic information systems (GIS) and web mapping.

Accident prevention efforts are organised around a set of interconnected and complementary main instruments, including:


Response to Emergencies

Ambipar specialises in Crisis Management and responding to emergencies involving accidents & incidents with chemicals and pollutant products that impact health, the environment, and property.

The company is actively involved in responding to environmental emergencies occurring across roadways, waterways, railways, airports, ports, offshore, industrial sites, mining operations, and pipelines.

Strategically positioned operational bases in Cork, Dublin and Belfast facilitating optimal crisis management assistance.

Head Office in Cork, staffed by crisis management specialists, it furnishes decision-makers with comprehensive information on emergency scenarios, ensuring swift and effective communication and resource logistics.


Disinfection of Environments

The disinfection of environments is an efficient method to eradicate viruses, bacterias, fungi, and to ensure the protection of people who use the place with protection.

Our specialized technicians use specific products with an ammonia base. The substance is a strong industrial disinfectant able to shatter the virus fat external layer in order to eliminate it.


Industrial Services

Modern equipment with aggregate technology for the accomplishment of cleansing services, whether manual or mechanical, transfer between tanks, decommissioning, demolition, and remediation of the soil:


Fire & Medical

Ambipar in Europe can provide ambulances, rapid intervention vehicles, fire fighting trucks, boats and field hospitals.  Whether it is to facilitate a large, decommissioning project, shutdown works, or as part of a combined incident response, we have the in-house resources to respond to our clients needs.  Due to growing demand, Ambipar has brought best technology within the field of industrial fire fighting equipment: the American company Williams Fire and Hazard Control. The partnership allows the best equipment in the world as well as specialized labour force (TBC) to jointly arrive in Ireland in any emergency situation.


Oil Spill

Ambipar Response offers a complete spill solution package from immediate oil spill response, dynamic site investigation & risk assessment, liaison with the regulatory authorities, contaminated waste management and site remediation all aimed at leading to a time and cost efficient spill incident close-out.

Our spill response experts will rapidly assess and put in place the most appropriate method for efficiently handling the spill and protecting vulnerable receptors such as human health, surface and ground water drainage, building materials and other essential utilities. Our experienced teams can respond to inland oil spills and other hazardous material spills ranging from a minor domestic heating oil spill to major industrial incidents, such as oil pipelines, industrial oil storage tanks and offshore marine incidents.


Chemical Incident

Chemical/CBRN/Hazmat spillages, whether acute or large, threaten human health and the environment.

Ambipar Response takes immediate action to contain, neutralise and decontaminate affected areas, ensuring human health is protected, the environment is remediated, and business operations are restored in good faith.

We mitigate the associated risks to the environment through the provision of a range of accredited preparedness, oil spill response and management of hazardous waste services.