By Writing Team
Posted in December 22, 2022

Giants in their sectors, the companies work to close the packaging cycle, through robust strategies to ensure the circularity of plastic from end to end.

Dow, a world leader in materials science, Boomera Ambipar, a Brazilian company specializing in the circular economy controlled by Ambipar, a Brazilian multinational leader in environmental management – ​​have just taken an important step towards closing the cycle in the plastic waste chain, delivering a truly circular economy focused on developing new solutions and involving all players in the plastic packaging cycle.

The sustainability strategy aims to encourage the conversion to a circular economy that allows the reuse of materials. The companies will work together on a pilot project to expand the collection of domestic and industrial waste that would go to landfills, ensuring that they are recycled. The project has nationwide coverage and actions are scheduled for 2023.

Sustainable Corridor

The action aims to expand the scope and opportunities of the work that is already being developed between Dow & Ambipar Group with logistics projects such as the Sustainable Corridor. This new moment consists of expanding investments and actions with collectors’ cooperatives, developing new products, mainly differentiated resins, which meet the ESG goals of each of these sectors.

“The strengthening of the partnership and our commitment is an example of how Dow works to advance collaborative actions helping to close the plastics cycle, which is one of our main goals. By 2035, we intend to have 100% of Dow products sold in reusable or recyclable packaging applications and we believe that only through cooperation with the entire value chain will we be able to achieve this goal” – Carolina Mantilla – Director of Sustainability, Packaging and Specialty Plastics at Dow.

Some of the main practical actions of the partnership consist of evaluating plastic waste, preparing facilities to recover these materials, selecting models for collection and large-scale conversion, while improving the quality of all recyclable plastics, and contributing to designate final market for the conversion of these recycled materials.

“We’ve had projects with Dow and Boomera Ambipar for years, both of which were fundamental to foster work with collectors’ cooperatives and also to develop a line of very high quality resins, important for the Brazilian market. We strongly believe that partnerships like this one with large companies is what makes the circular economy really happen, on a large scale and allows us to create even more innovative products.” – Gui Brammer – CEO and founder of Boomera Ambipar

More sustainable Brazil

Through this collaboration, it will also be possible to expand the existing work with recycling cooperatives, where waste mapping, collector training and collection studies in communities are carried out to support the development of best practices and optimize the recovery of this waste.

“It is very important for Ambipar to be able to rely on reference companies in their sectors, as this is how we will be able to ensure that all links in the plastic chain are working towards circularity and recycling, generating significant social and environmental impact.” – Cristina Andriotti, CEO of Ambipar Environment.

The companies will also work to develop processes to meet the specifications for advanced recycling, making it possible to expand the resin portfolio, increase the acquisition of raw materials to explore ways of developing new plastic resins, more sustainable and designed for recyclability.