Ambipar is a recognised specialist in the Tank Cleaning industry and provides a range of technologically advanced solutions and techniques to ensure your tank cleaning project is delivered successfully.  Our personnel are highly trained in the use of specialist equipment and tank cleaning entry & rescue techniques.  Our expertise ranges from large 80mtr diameter crude oil tanks to bulk sulphuric acid tanks and everything in between.  Ambipar can provide turnkey solutions to include:

  • Mechanical works.
  • Product/Waste transfer during tank cleaning operation
  • Tank Cleaning – Gas Free Standards if required
  • Packing/transport/disposal of tank cleaning residues
  • Return of product/waste to tank from temporary storage

Our tank cleaning processes are developed to eliminate man entry where possible and if it is required, that the entry time is reduced to a minimum.  These processes include specialist technology such as Robotic Crawlers, Automatic Tank Cleaning systems and ADR Deep lifting suction units, Glass Lined Vacuum Tankers and ATEX Robotic Crawler