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The purpose of this system is to identify, analyze and monitor the legislation applicable to the client’s business, providing organizations with a saving of time and money combined with the security of the continuity of their business with environmental, social and respect for life.

Main benefits:

  • Accurate identification of the rules applicable to the company’s business
  • Prevention of fines, embargoes and other penalties to the company
  • Individual and corporate reports
  • Supported by an experienced team
  • Compliance with the scope of standards 9001, 14001, OSHAS, SA 8000, FSSC 22000, 50001, FSC CERFLOR, BONSUCRO and other standards
  • The survey and monitoring of requirements can be offered with the risk assessment for non-compliance with each of the rules (fines and sanctions)
  • In the version “Legal Risk” it is possible to: obtain reports of legal risk, prioritize compliance with the most critical standards and quantify losses resulting from non-compliance with standards

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