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The company is specialized in L1 service and has 27 years of know-how in emergency service

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By Equipo de Redacción
Posted in August 6, 2021

Ambipar, a leader in environmental management, acquired Professional Emergency Resource Services (PERS), a company specializing in L1 care located in Ogden, Utah, in the United States. This is the company’s 21st acquisition in a year of the IPO, as part of its global expansion plan.

With 27 years of accumulated know-how in L1 emergency care, Pers has a highly qualified technical staff of 44 multidisciplinary Hazmat professionals, who serve in more than 200 languages. Its 24-hour emergency center is located in the state of Utah, United States and serves every country in the world. It has more than 4 thousand customers per signature and in 2020 it answered more than 220 thousand calls. With the acquisition, Ambipar becomes the first “one-stop-shop” company in the United States, starting to offer L1/L2/L3 services.

The acquisition is in line with the Company’s expansion plan in North America, which now has 20 bases strategically located in the region and present in 11 states in the United States.

For Ambipar’s COO, Dennys Spencer, the acquisition brings synergies to the business. “The quality of Ambipar’s emergency care services will greatly benefit from the incorporation of Pers. Now, we are positioned in the market as the only company capable of managing and operating in a standardized way and with a high level of quality its operations in North America, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”, he says.

 The Emergency Center operates with a multidisciplinary and specialized technical team, with high-tech tools in Geoprocessing interconnected with relational database systems and a state-of-the-art telephone system, which allows Ambipar USA to connect the best specialists in emergency response located in more than 200 operating bases in 18 countries.

The Communication System makes it possible to interconnect call centers in Latin America, North America and the United Kingdom, ensuring our customers the highest level of safety in all modes of national and international transport of dangerous and non-hazardous cargo.

About Ambipar:

Headquartered in Nova Odessa, SP, Ambipar is a Brazilian multinational, with presence in 18 countries in South America, Europe, Africa, North America and Antarctica. Formed by Ambipar Environment and Ambipar Response, two reference segments in the environmental management market, it has in its DNA the commitment to sustainable issues, working the ESG Pillars within its business and supporting its customers.

Ambipar went public in July 2020. It was the first environmental management company to be listed on B3, the Brazilian stock exchange. It started its global expansion plan even before the IPO and, since then, it has pursued organic growth and through M&A. After going public, 21 companies were acquired in the Environment and Response segments. It also acquired two businesses in the software area, reinforcing its performance in environmental management, ensuring effective compliance, relying on technology and artificial intelligence.

With several registered patents for sustainable products, it promotes the circular economy and helps companies with the correct disposal of their waste through the Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) sector. Among the main innovations, ECOSOLO stands out, a soil conditioner produced from organic waste, and ECOBASE, a base for roads and cementitious artifacts for civil construction using mineral residues from the paper and cellulose industry, as well as COLLAGEN soap developed on the basis of collagen in the pharmaceutical sector.

It has several certifications, including ISO (9001, 14001, 45001, 22320), Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Assessment System (HSEQ) and follows the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) indicators. In addition, it won the Together for Sustainability (TFS) certification, participates in the CEBDS (Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development), among others. The organization is a signatory to the Global Compact.