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Posted in September 14, 2023

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Approximately 2,000 visitors attended the event on Wednesday

September 12-14 – Expo Mag in Rio de Janeiro

With around 2,000 visitors, the second day of the largest Web3 event in Latin America explored 10 tracks across eight stages at the Blockchain Rio Festival. Among the topics discussed, fashion was the main theme, followed by photography related to innovation and technology, and legal rights.

In the ‘Metaverse Fashion Experience,’ led by Monica Pereira, founder of Love4u Academy, they discussed the new paths of fashion and figital art, the importance of digitization in fashion, as well as sustainable, technological, digital, and copyright initiatives and artificial intelligence. According to the curator, “The next step in fashion in an environment of constant innovation will be to focus on education and preparing young people and leaders for the future job market.” This can only happen through “initiatives and teaching strategies that address emerging technologies such as the metaverse, 3D modeling, blockchain integration, crucial alliances, and environmental awareness,” emphasizes Monica Pereira.

In addition, the relationship between AI and employability and integration into the creative process was discussed. “There is a lot of debate about whether Artificial Intelligence will eliminate jobs. But I think it will eliminate the jobs of those who don’t learn to use it. Regardless of all the legal and ethical discussions about Artificial Intelligence, it is here to stay. So let’s learn to use it to our advantage,” commented Lilli Kessler, an artist who recreated her mother with Artificial Intelligence for her brand.

Regarding the legal theme, the role of copyright, regulation in Web3, and legal structures in blockchain were discussed in the panels ‘Law and web3,’ ‘Blockchain and Law,’ ‘Insurance law and development: regulatory perspectives for the sandbox environment,’ ‘Profile of the legal professional in web3,’ ‘Legal structures for DAOs: what can we do in Brazil?,’ and ‘Legal aspects of real estate tokenization.’ In addition to lectures, the event also featured attractions, discussions, workshops, exhibitions, and activations that integrate technology, education, sustainability, culture, and entertainment.


Blockchain Rio Festival 2023

Date: September 12-14, 2023

Time: 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Location: Expo Mag

Address: Beatriz Larragoiti Lucas Street, s/n, Cidade Nova – Rio de Janeiro


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More about other editions of Blockchain Rio

Organized by Blockchain Rio Productions and Events, following the success of Blockchain Rio in 2022, the Blockchain Festival has established itself as the largest Blockchain and Web3 event in Latin America. The main goal of Blockchain Rio is to be the initial catalyst for an educational and adoption movement of Web3, as well as a major hub for discussions and business focused on connecting people and companies with an eye on the present and future of the blockchain market.

During the other editions, about 6,000 people participated in the program each day. In total, there were over 36 immersive hours focused on the transformative potential of new technologies. In addition, the festival reinforced its commitment to sustainability through zero-carbon initiatives in partnership with the leading environmental management company, Ambipar.

More about the power of blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is an advanced database mechanism that allows transparent sharing of information through linked and chained blocks. The chronological order of records is maintained without the possibility of modifications or deletions. Thus, blockchain becomes an inviolable tool capable of tracking orders, payments, and other transactions in different sectors and operations. Among them are the real estate sector, retail, e-sports, agriculture and livestock, urban mobility, libraries, and more. Traceability is useful even for lawyers.