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With principles of the circular economy, Ambipar incorporates the wastes into the production processes, thus reducing the usage of natural resources and financial costs, focusing on the continuity of the business, and subsidizing its customers with full involvement and enhancement in its ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) indicators.


Waste Management and Recovery

As a pioneer in management and full recovery of industrial wastes, Ambipar minimizes environmental impacts, offering integrated solutions focused on no landfill site politics, following the principles of the Circular Economy foreseen on the National Policy of Solid Wastes.

With the consolidation of management reports, traceability, legal and environmental compliance, Ambipar subsidizes its customers will full involvement and enhancement in its ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) indicators.

When reincorporating the wastes into the production processes, our customers enhance their sustainability indices and spare financial and natural resources that are important for the current and future generations.


Recovery of Non-Complex Wastes

Ambipar invests in the new concepts of “Circular Economy” for the Recovery of Non-Complex Wastes, and it is dedicated to it. The company is, therefore, guided through this perspective, focusing on sustainability as a business principle.

“Sustainability with Results”

Using the wide concept of the Recovery of Non-Complex Wastes market, with the expertise to generate new business models by means of solutions for non-complex wastes, allowing that the Circular Economy occurs in practice, through the development and operation of new products from recycling, always aiming at projects that deliver economic, social, and environmental results.

Here are some differentials at the Recovery of Non-Complex Wastes:

  • Know-how to find the best method of recovery of each sort of non-complex waste of our customers, offering more efficient solutions.
  • Reaching better financial results through the management and recovery of non-complex wastes.
  • Increasing of sustainability indicators, including the recyclability index of our customers.
  • A waste trading platform: in a completely online software merged into a marketplace, with several certified partners, we transform wastes into opportunities and reduce costs.
  • Expertise with recovery of non-complex wastes, among them: recycling of diapers/sanitary pads, recycling of blisters (pharmaceutical and cosmetic ones), hydro alcoholic recycling, dairy recycling, chemical recycling, recycling of organic waste in animal feed, among others.

Waste Collection and Transport

Through the collection and transportation of wastes, Ambipar serves the greater generators of wastes, such as gas stations, industries, malls, businesses, and hospitals with the collection, transport, and final destination of wastes of Class I (hazardous ones) and Class 2 (non-hazardous ones).

We issue electronic certificates and manifests of mandatory waste transport (MTR), ensuring the traceability of processes.

With a logistics that is robust well represented, Ambipar offers to the automobile sector (Oil Run) a system of waste selective collection and recovery, including:

  • Contaminated cloths and towels
  • Lubricants packages
  • Oil filters
  • Contaminated PPEs
  • Automobile parts


The co-processing technology, highly used in other countries, and intensively used in Brazil during the past 20 years, is the key for sustainability and the answer to wastes, rightly for the capacity of replacing fossil fuels and raw materials used for the manufacturing of cement, representing a definite solution, within the concept of the circular economy, where occurs the energetic and material recovery of wastes, with huge environmental benefits, such as the reduction of CO2 emissions. Such technological solutions make it possible that the most diverse sorts of wastes are reinserted into the production chain, thus avoiding their disposal into landfill sites, therefore creating not only benefits to the industry but also to society.


Logistics and Reversed Production

Projects dedicated to the industries, managing bodies, and their programs for the fulfillment of the Deed of Undertaking and Sectoral Arrangements foreseen in the National Policy of Solid Wastes – PNRS.

The projects are created in a personalized way, according to the customer operation, with the provision of collectors for housing, collection, and recovery of wastes.

We operate with a reversed logistics of wastes, such as: Post-consumption package, Medicines, and Electronics.

Ambipar ensures the traceability of all the reversed chain and brain protection of its customers.


Environmental Products

Ambipar has developed a portfolio of products for usage in environmental emergencies and accident avoidance in order to diminish environmental damages and to maintain the environmental.


Management Softwares

Tactically and strategically supporting entrepreneurial leaders for 25 years. The technological solutions support sustainability management. Currently split into:

All the solutions are integrating and entirely customizable!

Moreover, we offer the following services: