Epichlorohydrin transfer was carried out overnight on Portland Port

By Marketing Team
Posted in May 13, 2021

During the MSC Napoli Incident two tank containers of Epichlorohydrin were damaged and had to be transhipped into new tanks for transportation back to their manufacturer in Europe. The transfer was carried out overnight on Portland Port in an area that was cordoned off for the purpose. Epichlorohydrin is transported under nitrogen due to the reactivity of the product in air.

Project Works:

Ambipar Response created a method statement for the transfer which was peer reviewed by 3 of the manufacturer’s sites across Europe and the UK’s National Chemical Emergency Centre. The method statement was agreed without amendment and Ambipar Response was asked to make the transfers. Suitable tanks were provided; ready purged with nitrogen and a transfer by gravity system was set up. During the transfer samples were taken to ensure that the highly reactive product had not become contaminated


Working in close cooperation with Portland Port, and the manufacturer the transfer was successfully carried out overnight. The damaged dirty tanks being automatically purged with nitrogen by a return line from the clean empty tanks being filled. They could then be sent for cleaning and repair