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Emergency Response

Oil Spill

Ambipar Response provides a cost-effective spill solution
package that includes: immediate oil spill response, dynamic site investigation, risk assessment, liaison with regulatory authorities, contaminated waste management, and site remediation.

Our spill response professionals will quickly analyse and implement the best technique for efficiently treating the spill while protecting susceptible receptors such as human health, surface and ground water drainage, building materials, and other critical utilities.

Why do I need Spill Response?

All businesses have an obligation to do as much a practicable to mitigate pollution risk from loss of containment or preventing contaminated run-off from entering a marine environment, aquifers, or soil.


Chemical Incident

Chemical/CBRN/Hazmat spillages, whether small or large, threaten human health and the environment.

Ambipar Response takes immediate action to contain, neutralise and decontaminate affected areas, ensuring human health is protected, the environment is remediated, and business operations are restored in good faith.

We mitigate the associated risks to the environment through the provision of a range of accredited preparedness, chemical spill response and management of hazardous waste services.  


Disaster Response

Ambipar’s disaster relief services are designed to protect Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), minimise downtime of critical business activities and safely manage hazardous waste. 

Our experienced disaster relief teams are mobilised 24/7 to provide urgent relief to business-critical disasters ranging from oil and chemical spillages to severe natural hazards such as floods, wildfire and hurricanes. We respond to environmental emergencies occurring on highways, railways, airports, ports, port terminals, industries, mining companies and pipelines.

Ambipar Response support Category 1 and 2 responders under the Civil Contingencies Act (2004) which imposes a duty on local authorities, emergency services, utility companies to plan for, prepare and respond to a range of natural and man-made hazards.




Ambipar Response uses efficient methods to eradicate viruses, bacteria, fungi to ensure the protection of people and the places they frequent.

Our specialized technicians employ specific products with an ammonia base. The substance is a power industrial disinfectant capable of shattering the virus’s fat exterior coating and eliminating it.


Industrial Services

Ambipar Response provides the UK’s rail, air and sea network with safe, swift support covering a broad range of services.

We understand our client’s financial implications when a response is not issued immediately and are strategically mobilised to provide 24/7 support nationwide.

Our trained PTS operators comply with industry standards to contained, minimizes personnel injuries, plant downtime and repair costs.




Consultancy and Projects

We pride ourselves on developing response plans that are specific to the facilities risk profile, useable and easy to follow, allowing for an effective and efficient response. Our multidisciplinary consultants not only have knowledge of regulatory compliance but have a wealth of experience in both planning for incidents and responding to incidents.

  • Onshore and Offshore Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (OPEP) – UKCS
  • Offshore Exploration and Production Drilling Oil Spill Contingency Plans
  • Ports and Harbours Oil Spill Contingency Plans
  • Marine Pollution Contingency Plan for Offshore Renewables
  • COMAH site Emergency Management Plans
  • Incident Management Plans
  • Emergency Management Plans
  • Hazardous Noxious Substance (HNS Spill Contingency Plans)
  • Shoreline Response Plans
  • Inland Pipeline Spill Response Plans
  • Tactical Response Plans – Booming Plans, Asset Protect, Role/Team specific Aide memoirs.


Ambipar Response meets our clients’  internal training and legislative requirements anywhere across the globe. Our wealth of experience identifies gaps within operations and provides strategies to protect our clients from legal or financial damage.

We strengthen our client’s communication, mobilisations and incident management procedures through a range of bespoke practical and table-top exercises relevant to oil, chemical and incident management scenarios:



Ambipar Response has built a pool of subject matter experts to support businesses in need of training, contingency planning, exercises, equipment readiness and response. 

Our technical experts act as an extension of our clients’ organization, ensuring that relationship between stakeholders  are strengthened. 

In the event that our clients’ need additional resources in house,  we can rapidly deploy Technical Advisors, Environmental Specialists and Incident Managers to enhance business operations anywhere in the world. 


Equipment Hire

Depending on whether you are conducting a short-term drilling campaign, ship to ship transfer or a longer term construction project, Ambipar Response offers  a turnkey solution through the hire of equipment packages to meet their client’s risk.

Our technical team will assess the risk posed by your operation, take into consideration any regulatory requirements, the dynamics of the environment and any options for mutual aid before making a recommendation on the appropriate resources to meet the risk. Inclusive of any hire package will be the commissioning, training and ongoing maintenance for longer term hire.

Our oil spill equipment hire packages can accommodate various operations that include the following.




The International Course on Emergency Response
to Hazardous Products is based on NFPA 472 and ABNT NBR14.064, meeting the requirements of national and international legislation.

Our accredited Hazmat/HNS training courses combine both theoretical and practical elements of hazmat/HNS response, ensuring on completion the delegates are knowledgeable and understanding of hazmat/HNS response.

Our hazmat/HNS spill response training can be undertaken at either a Ambipar Response training facility or at any clients specified location by multidisciplinary instructors with practical actions in real events.


Oil Spill Response Training

Courses follow a full assessment of each client’s objectives, contingency and crisis management plans then structured to meet their specific requirements. Trainees familiarize themselves with the tools and techniques of oil spill response and learn from our knowledgeable team, who bring a unique insight into their experiences of live incidents around the world.”


Incident Command System

The course is of a theoretical nature with interactive sessions that assist in the learning process.  The course can be either be held at an Ambipar Response training facility or at a suitable location, convenient for the delegates.

Throughout the course there is a complete overview of the incident management process with the opportunity to add an exercise day in addition to the 2 days. The course covers both large and small events so delegates gain a wide range of knowledge and skill.


Spill Awareness

The course outline is to introduce those responsible for the initial notification and response to an operational spill to the preparedness, response techniques and requirements when dealing with oils, chemicals, effluent, foodstuffs and other potential pollutants on your site.



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