To train personnel how to manage an expanding incident 

The 2 day / 16 hour course is a theoretically based course designed for staff with a response role within their organisation and who may be required to manage an expanding incident following a major event. 

The course is of a theoretical nature with interactive sessions that assist in the learning process.  The course can be either be held at an Ambipar Response training facility or at a suitable location, convenient for the delegates.

Throughout the course there is a complete overview of the incident management process with the opportunity to add an exercise day in addition to the 2 days. The course covers both large and small events so delegates gain a wide range of knowledge and skill.

The course highlights the benefits of following a recognised process when managing a major incident.


This course is aimed at those that would be part of an Incident Management Team with a functional role during an incident, highlighting the key aspects of the management of an incident and specific roles and responsibilities.


  • Give an overview of the evolution of the Incident Command System
  • Describe what occurs during the Emergency Phase
  • Describe the process when Transferring Command
  • Describe the Incident Assessment process
  • Give an insight in setting Objectives for the next Operational Period
  • Understand the Planning process
  • Describe the process for developing and Incident Action Plan
  • Gain and understanding for Incident Demobilisation


  • Incident Command System
  • Initial Response
  • Transfer of Command
  • Set Up and Move Forward
  • Objectives Setting
  • Planning Phase
  • Incident Action Plan
  • Demobilisation an Incident Closeout

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