More than 300 emergency response bases spread throughout the world, with a free customer attendance service available 24 hours a day, and 365 days a year.

Our highly qualified professionals are mobilised to mitigate the impact of fines, litigation and damaged reputation as a result of a spill, incident or maritime disaster.


Oil Spill

Ambipar Response provides a cost-effective spill solution package that includes: immediate oil spill response, dynamic site investigation, risk assessment, liaison with regulatory authorities, contaminated waste management, and site remediation.

Our spill response professionals will quickly analyse and implement the best technique for efficiently treating the spill while protecting susceptible receptors such as human health, surface and ground water drainage, building materials, and other critical utilities.

Why do I need Spill Response?

All businesses have an obligation to do as much a practicable to mitigate pollution risk from loss of containment or preventing contaminated run-off from entering a marine environment, aquifers, or soil.


Chemical Incidents

Ambipar Response responds to Hazmat and CBRN incidents (as well as maritime Hazardous and Noxious Substance incidents – HNS) and works with the Emergency Services and Responsible Authorities (such as, Defra, Maritime and Coastguard Agency, Environment Agencies, Local Authorities and Highways Authorities)  to transition incidents smoothly into the recovery phase and to ultimate closure.

We have participated in many major incidents and exercises such as Operation Shambling and Exercise Saxon Resolve.  We have carried out decontaminations after unfortunate ICE/DICE events. We also work with the healthcare sector in decontamination after infectious diseases, such as Ebola and Monkey Poxviruses. Our call centre is open 24/7/365.  We have also licenced waste carriers and have or own waste transfer facilities within the group.

We operate our own equipment and also store, maintain and deploy customer’s specialist equipment such as “ Sure Stop” inhibitors and chemical transfer equipment.

We serve a variety of clients including Chemical manufacturers and transporters, Ports and Harbours, Critical National Infrastructure such as Network Rail, International Airports and Government.


Disaster Response

Ambipar’s disaster relief services are designed to protect Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), minimise downtime of critical business activities and safely manage hazardous waste. 

Our experienced disaster relief teams are mobilised 24/7 to provide urgent relief to business-critical disasters ranging from oil and chemical spillages to severe natural hazards such as floods, wildfire and hurricanes. We respond to environmental emergencies occurring on highways, railways, airports, ports, port terminals, industries, mining companies and pipelines.

Ambipar Response support Category 1 and 2 responders under the Civil Contingencies Act (2004) which imposes a duty on local authorities, emergency services, utility companies to plan for, prepare and respond to a range of natural and man-made hazards.




Ambipar Response uses efficient methods to decontaminate properties after cases of contagious viruses such as Monkey Pox and Ebola, (as well as bacteria and fungi) to ensure the protection of people and the environment.

We provide decontamination services at national and international levels and work closely with the healthcare sector and responsible authorities in each case.


Industrial Services

Ambipar Response improves the UK’s road, rail and air operations with rapid, cost-efficient industrial and infrastructure services.

Our responders are well-equipped to assist our valued customers with bespoke solutions to improve their operations.

We operate as licensed waste carriers 24/7/365, with our own waste transfer facilities located throughout the country.

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