Developed to amplify the organic matter of the soil, ECOSOLO is a conditioner certified by IBD (Instituto Biodinâmico) and ECOCERT, intended for planting and maintenance in all crops. The agriculture line is products designed with organic materials from the industry, standardized and guaranteed by analyzes carried out by laboratories accredited by M.A.P.A. (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply).

When using the soil conditioner from
Ecosolo® it is possible to obtain several benefits:

  • Improves soil structure and porosity, creating a better environment for plant roots, retains more water in the earth, contributing to increased biodiversity and preserving soil fertility;
  • Increased infiltration and permeability to moisture in soils, reducing density of heavy soils, erosion and runoff;
  • Improved soil moisture retention capacity, reducing water loss and nutrient leaching;
  • Improves the cation exchange capacity of the soil, allowing plants to maximize the use of nutrients, retaining them longer;
  • Activates the proliferation of beneficial microorganisms to the soil.

Ecosolo® improves the land and still generates income with carbon sequestration.

The product Ecosolo®, patented by Ambipar, in addition to contributing to a series of advantages for agriculture, acts in the reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The soil conditioner is obtained from waste from industrial units. In another situation, it would be sent to a sanitary landfill. But in addition to increasing crop productivity, the biochemical process caused by Ambipar’s soil conditioner causes the capture of CO2. The recovery of 2% of carbon from all the soil on the planet would offset 100% of all emissions accumulated in the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution.

Farmers using Ecosolo® receive guidance from our experts on sustainable management techniques to accumulate organic carbon in the soil. In addition to the benefit in production, cultivation generates another source of income: the carbon credit, whose value is shared between the two parties.

In this process, with sustainable management, there is a contribution to increasing biodiversity and preserving soil fertility. In addition to registration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Ecosolo® has two certifications – one from the Biodynamic Institute (IBD) and the other from ECOCERT Inputs – so it can be used for organic production and exported.

The material can be used both in forestry, agriculture and livestock in general. Ecosolo® leads to an increase in organic matter, conditions the soil to increase the mesofauna, contributes to the gradual replacement of nutrients. The increase in productivity is one of the benefits of the Ambipar input, leading to a 28% increase in soybean mass, thanks to a reduction in mineral fertilizer losses through leaching, volatilization and fixation. Data from the Federal Institute of São Paulo indicate that in the case of corn (safrinha), without the use of Ecosolo®, the productivity is 2,700.5 (kg/ha), reaching 3,890.2 ((kg/ha) with the use of 3.5 tons.

Technical guidance
Increased productivity
soil conservation
Enhances soil water retention
Increases the ability of roots to absorb nutrients
Promotes the development of microorganisms
Regenerate degraded soil

ESG awarded with technology

Increasingly relevant in the strategies of companies, investors and consumers, the ESG concept – which define environmental, social and governance practices of a business – is also contemplated by the benefits of Ecosolo®, as the product helps the environment, generates social gains qualifying farmers and their communities, presents greater economic viability in relation to the common fertilizer and contributes with an image of carbon neutral production to the farmer, making him a protagonist in the contributions to the mitigation of climate change.

Through this technology that gives a new function to waste that would otherwise be discarded, the Ecosolo® soil conditioner meets the concept of circular economy, which is increasingly valued by consumers and companies.

Among all these gains, the farmer still collaborates with the planet by purchasing a product that did not need to use other resources in its production, such as water and other natural resources.

Ecosolo® is an example of a transition process towards a restorative model that makes economic sense, generates a competitive edge and guarantees the survival of the planet, which there is no other. We have to take care, together!

ecosolo-sequestro de carbono

Carbon Farm: Do you know how to obtain profitability by practicing circular economy and regenerative agriculture?

Ecosolo is a conditioner rich in organic matter that enhances water retention and nutrient absorption. Allied to Ambipar’s Regenerative Agriculture and Sustainable Management Program, in addition to increasing plantation productivity and prolonging soil fertility, it can also generate internationally certified carbon credits to be traded.

Regenerative Agriculture Program with Ecosolo

AMBIPAR’s R&D is proving that regenerative agriculture is scalable and profitable. The crops supply large food industries with yields equal to or higher than conventional agriculture.

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