The course is built up the fundamental processes for response. Guiding delegates through safety and risk appraisal then progressing to explore necessary measures to ensure responder safety. The course highlights the tools, techniques and tactical process required to ensure an effective incident response.

Participants will learn to call on third resources for technical information and utilize the established systems for site management.

Upon successful completion of a short exam and practical exercise delegates are awarded a internationally recognized 24hr HaWOpER certificate and wallet card.


The HazWOpER 24hr course is aimed at incident responders who will be involved in the direct cleanup of an oil or chemical spill. It provides essential knowledge to allow responders to function safely and effectively, therefore, no previous experience is required.


  • Use gas monitoring instruments and equipment to classify, identify and verify known and unknown products
  • Chemical Identification, Risks & Effects: Understand the terminology, physiology and behavior of chemicals and toxics
  • Apply risk measurement techniques
  • Personal Protection: Select and use specialized personal protective equipment
  • Site Management and Response Systems: Perform advanced control, containment and grounding operations, targeting hazardous products with specific resources
  • Decontamination: Perform transfer procedures (closed and open) and decontamination
  • Execute the Emergency Plan for your company or workplace


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