The one day eight hour course is to allow people to enter the workplace in a safe and confident manner, understanding the importance of correct PPE and the need for accurate reporting. Delegates are not required to have any previous experience.

Throughout the course Ambipar instructors will refer to case studies of previous incidents and use class exercises to develop the delegates knowledge. Upon successful completion delegates will be awarded an internationally recognised 8hr HazWOpER certificate and wallet card.

Delegates are introduced to risks and incident escalation. They will discuss what to do next and how to get/stay safe while making the initial assessment. The processes for hazard identification and the options for protection and response discussed. They will establish the requirements for safety actions to be taken by the first emergency team to deal with the occurrence involving dangerous chemicals and also on the first procedures to be adopted to attend an emergency involving dangerous chemicals, isolation, scenario analysis , action planning, response to be adopted and evaluation of actions.


Professionals in the sectors of transport, shipping, traffic, QSMS, public agencies or other sectors that constitute the emergency brigade of the institution.


  • Recognize the scenario
  • Chemical Identification: Identify the products involved
  • Decontamination
  • Physiology
  • Chemical Risk & Effects: Identify the actual or potential contamination of the local environment
  • Personal Protection: Identify effective or potential exposure of people
  • Respiration Protection
  • Site Management: Sign and isolate the place according to the characteristics of the product
  • Response Systems: Activate the emergency teams for emergency support and intervention


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