To Train key management and on-scene commanders how to manage incidents safely, efficiently and effectively.

Delegates attend a 3 day course either at an Ambipar facility or at their own premises. The course is primarily aimed at those who would have overall command, or are within a management team which assists the executive manager of any oil spill incident.

Ambipar Response management understand that in many significant oil spill situations industry works in close partnership with local government operatives causing a need for high level integration between civil and commercial organisations. The course highlights how best to manage this situation.

The course is mostly theory based with a number of exercises which simulate and highlights some of the decision’s management staff may face during an oil spill. As well as covering the executive role during a spill event the course also highlights the many different techniques of oil recovery and the outcomes based on past experience.


This course is aimed at those who would assume the position of an Incident Commander during an oil spill incident. It also targets those in government who would more than likely be involved in emergency response and represent their jurisdiction.  


  1. To give an overview of the main causes of marine oil spills.
  2. To introduce to predicting behavior and fate of spill oil.
  3. To give an overview of the response ‘tool kit’.
  4. To allow students to become familiar with their contingency plan and their role within it.
  5. To give students an understanding of the role of a manager and on scene commander, including issues which may arise and management of an effective operation.
  6. To give a basic understand of issues associated with spill response i.e. waste, health and safety and management.
  7. To give practical experience of equipment available for response


  • Fates and Effects
  • Spill Assessment
  • Planning Process
  • Strategies and Limitations
  • Health and Safety
  • Shoreline Clean Up
  • Waste Management
  • International Compensation and Co-operation
  • Termination of Response
  • Management Realities and Lessons Learned
  • Incident Management


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