Regata News by Adilson Pacheco - 09/19/2023

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Posted in September 18, 2023

The crew of the Ambipar Response sailboat will compete in the traditional REFENO – Recife – Fernando de Noronha International Regatta, which will take place starting on September 23 in Recife, Pernambuco.

The crossing covers a total of 300 nautical miles, or 560 km between sky and sea. The 34th edition of the competition will feature the team from Ubatuba (SP), which is taking the boat to the competition with 14 crew members on board. The race will have almost 100 sailboats from all over the country.

The Ambipar Response boat – previously known as Montecristo – will participate in the ORC class races. The crew consists of experienced sailors for long sea journeys. One of the captains of Ambipar Response, Alexandre Wissenbach, participated in REFENO in 2010.

According to the navigator, this race format demands a lot from the athletes and the boat. “REFENO is ideal for our boat. A cruising sailboat that is very fast in sea conditions like Noronha. Steady wind, a bit of lateral sea, and occasional gusts. We were all eager to return to sailing in REFENO, but we are aware of the great responsibility and challenge we will face,” he explained.

“We have many safety features, and the boat is 100% ready for the challenge. Everyone in our crew has knowledge of races like REFENO. In addition, the team sails together, and there is a sense of unity, which is essential for a winning spirit at all times.” According to Alexandre Wissenbach, “REFENO is sailed a lot at night, so it’s not possible to succumb to fatigue. Thus, the unity and determination of all are fundamental factors.”

The Northeast coast offers breathtaking views, but athletes may also sail through some strong storms, known as Pirajás, which are quite traditional in the Atlantic. “We are aware of the difficulties, and the issue of rain at night is a ‘ghost’ of the race.”

Sailing and steering work will be very technical, and the sailors’ seafaring spirit will need to be strong,” noted Enzo Accioly, a sailor from Ambipar Response. “I participated in REFENO five years ago. Something I remember very clearly is the sky full of stars. It was unforgettable! This time, the race will be with many friends. I am sure we will make a significant contribution!” he concluded. The Recife – Fernando de Noronha International Regatta will have a program with ceremonies, bands, and the participation of traditional boats. Check out all the details on the official website here:

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