Objective is to continue with the company's expansion plan and consolidate the emergency care market in the country

By Marketing Team
Posted in January 8, 2021

Ambipar, a leader in environmental management, has just acquired another company specialized in emergency care in the United States: Custom Environmental Services (CES). The objective is to continue with the expansion plan and expand the company’s operations worldwide. The acquisition is in line with the vision of being recognized as a global reference in integrated environmental solutions.

CES has more than 20 years of experience in the North American emergency market and specializes in land-based events. It has bases in the cities of Denver and Pueblo, Colorado, strategically positioned to expand Ambipar’s operations and decrease response times.

In January 2020, the company had already completed the purchase of Allied International Emergency and, in September, it acquired two other companies: One Stop Environmental and Intracoastal Emergency Response. With that, Ambipar will have bases in Texas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and, now, Colorado, allowing emergency service in all modes.

According to Thiago Silva, Ambipar’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), “the acquisitions are in line with the company’s strategy of offering customers a global emergency response structure, seeking to expand the operational bases and offer services with standardization and excellence in the United States” .

Custom Environmental Services (CES)

CES is an environmental emergency response company with a team of experienced professionals. Since 1998, it has performed services with a focus on environmental preservation. The company specializes in responding to emergencies in road and industrial modes and environmental services. The company’s two bases are strategically located in the state of Colorado to ensure prompt service.

Allied International Emergency (AIE)

AIE was founded in 2007 and has shown market growth since then. In 2008, the company acquired the environmental division of a major construction company based in Dallas. In this way, Allied International Emergency increased the range of equipment available to perform services. In 2012, AIE opened a branch in Midland, Texas, to serve the entire Permian Basin, including the far west of Texas and southern New Mexico.

One Stop Environmental (OSE)

One Stop Environmental (OSE) was founded in 1999 in Birmingham, Alabama. OSE was recently named the 487th fastest growing private company in the country (INC 500 list) and the 5th fastest growing city center company (HubZone) in the country (ICIC 100).

Intracostal Emergency Response

Intracostal Emergency Response is a North American company, specialized in emergency care, founded in 2010. With a solid structure, the mission is to provide customers with the highest standards of safety, quality and reliability. The company keeps itself up to date with the sector’s technologies and invests in equipment and in the training of employees to guarantee the efficiency of services. It is present in Tampa and Jacksonville, Florida, and Savannah, Georgia.

About Ambipar:

Headquartered in Nova Odessa, SP, Ambipar is a Brazilian multinational with a presence in 15 countries: Latin America, Europe, Africa, North America and Antarctica. Formed by Ambipar Environment and Ambipar Response, two reference segments in the environmental management market, which offer integrated solutions based on sustainability and respect for the environment.

The company has a RD&I laboratory to develop technologies and innovations from waste. With several patents registered for sustainable products, it promotes circular economy and helps companies with the correct disposal of their waste. Among the main innovations, we highlight the rations made from the remains of shrimp, which were previously dumped in the sea; the sustainable softener produced with residues from the cosmetics industries and the soap developed based on collagen from the pharmaceutical industries.

Ambipar went public in July 2020. It was the first environmental management company to join B3, the Brazilian stock exchange.

It has ISO certifications (9001, 14001, 45001, 22320), Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Assessment System (SASSMAQ) and follows the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) indicators. In addition, it participates in Together for Sustainability (TFS), CEBDS (Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development), among others. The organization is a signatory to the Global Compact.