Ambipar provides an extensive range of preparedness and planning services to assist companies who are dedicated to adopting excellent stewardship of the environment. Ambipar understand and practice the critical importance in being adequately prepared for an incident, taking an ‘all hazards, all risk’ approach to environmental scenarios.

Planning and Technical Services
Our technical specialists have a range of expertise in emergency and incident management procedures, marine and shoreline environments, marine and inland response strategies, response equipment, waste management, and health and safety.
At the core of our planning service offering is our ability to undertake comprehensive spill and environmental risk assessments.
Ambipar’s planning services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Emergency Response Plans;
  • Oil and Chemical Spill Contingency Plans;
  • Tactical Response Plans (i.e. Booming Plans);
  • Waste Management Plans.


Ambipar engage closely with our clients to design and develop bespoke exercises aimed towards achieving incident management excellence and meeting codeveloped objectives. Through initial engagement meetings, we work with our clients to establish desired outcomes and potential scenarios worth investigating through exercising, to provide increased assurance in the capability of existing preparedness and response mechanisms and to identify any potential areas of improvement.

Examples include:

  • Notification exercises;
  • Deployment or Practical exercises;
  • Table-top exercises; and,
  • Multi-agency emergency and incident management exercises.

Following exercise delivery, post-exercise reports are provided to all our clients to help them achieve continuous improvement targets and to learn from the experiences of the exercise. Our technical specialists are highly experienced in identifying areas for improvement and recommending suitable solutions based on their observations.

Assurance Services (including Provision of Equipment)

Our experienced team can provide a range of assurance services including capability reviews, equipment audits, and tests of our client’s capacity to respond to incidents of all varieties.
Primarily, this involves a comprehensive review of our client’s spill and/or environmental risk profile to ensure prevention and mitigation measures are commensurate.
Pending the outcome of our review, Ambipar can provide recommendations for any further measures, and suggest suitable procedural updates, plan revisions, training or exercising matrixes as necessary.
Additionally, our assurance service provision enables the auditing of our client’s on-site environmental protection and counter pollution equipment. With our specialist’s day-to-day, first-hand experience in the field deploying this equipment, Ambipar provide a reliable source of expertise in ensuring that our client’s equipment is commensurate to their risk profile and fit for purpose.

Equipement Hire Packages

Ambipar response provide bespoke equipment hire packages to support environmental risk reduction and regulatory compliance.

  • Offshore Equipment Hire Packages;
  • Dispersant;
  • Shoreline;
  • Ports and Harbour.