Ambipar Response’s Incident Management Professionals have developed a bespoke eLearning platform to host the ICS (Incident Command System) 100 & 200 courses respectively.

The platform can be accessed from home or the office, taking no longer than 2-3 hours to complete both courses and is a cost effective and time efficient way of receiving the required training. Ambipar Response have delivered parallel bespoke platforms for clients with an extensive ICS training requirement.

ICS 100 – An Introduction to ICS

Course Content:

  • Introduction;
  • ICS Overview;
  • Characteristics of ICS;
  • ICS Structure and Roles;
  • General Staff Functions;
  • ICS Applied (Scenario Assessment).

ICS 200-Applying ICS

Course Content:

  • Introduction;
  • ICS Refresher;
  • Types of Command;
  • Management by Objectives;
  • Functional Areas;
  • ICS Form 201, Briefings and Meetings;
  • Adapting to Incident Requirements;
  • Formalising Transfer of Command;
  • ICS Applied (Scenario Assessment).