To Train key members of a response to manage incidents safely, efficiently and effectively. 

The IMO 2 is a 4 day course is specifically tailored to meet IMO domestic requirements and is aimed for local government officials, harbour masters and managerial staff in the energy production and transportation industry who may have to command a response operation following an oil spill.

The management orientated course has a well-balanced mix of both practical and theoretical aspects covering all issues encountered during an oil response in detail with a range of exercises to ensure delegates obtain a firm understanding of the requirements for an efficient spill operation.

Ambipar Response instructors understand how essential an effective contingency plan is during an oil spill response. They are therefore able to demonstrate to delegates how to create and implement a contingency plan following a spill from a command and management role.

Throughout the course Ambipar Response instructors can adapt the course to be appropriate to the delegate’s knowledge and oil spill response experience so that the most benefit is gained from the course.


This is course targets those who may perform a functional role within the tactical response teams, as well as those aiming for and at an On-Scene Commander level.


  1. To give an overview of the main causes of marine oil spills.
  2. To introduce to predicting behaviour and fate of spilt oil.
  3. To give an overview of the response ‘tool kit’.
  4. To allow students to become familiar with their contingency plan and their role within it.
  5. To give students an understanding of the role of a beachmaster, including issues which may arise and management of an effective operation.
  6. To give a basic understand of issues associated with spill response i.e. waste, health and safety and management.
  7. To give practical experience of equipment available for response


  • Contingency Planning
  • Spilt Oil Behaviour, fate and effects
  • Health and Safety
  • Response Planning
  • Booms and Skimmers Monitoring
  • Absorbent Materials
  • Operation Planning
  • Post Incident de briefing
  • Shoreline Clean up
  • Dispersant Systems
  • Waste Handling
  • Sampling Techniques
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Command control
  • Communication
  • Evidence Gathering


Requirements: Minimum certification in IMO I and Arrais.

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