Hydrovac Water Truck support

Ambipar offers Hydro Water Truck Support for Response purposes and others.

Industrial Vacuum Services

Ambipar vacuum trucks (hydro excavators) are a cost-effective way to quickly locate, identify, verify, and remove numerous sub-surface entities. Our technology reduces costs up to 50% and decreases service time, resulting in additional savings.  In addition, the use of heavy excavating equipment is eliminated, thereby reducing the risk of accidental damage to overhead and underground utilities.

CES’ Jet Trucks can be used for the following:

  • Culvert cleaning (8 inch pipe to 48 inch pipe and larger)
  • Electric manhole vaults, debris, mud, and water
  • Utility excavation
  • Pond cleaning and silt removal
  • Digging signal light pole holes

Our Services Includes the above and more:

  • Soil Excavation
  • Roll-Off, Van, Flatbed and Vacuum Truck Services
  • Hydro-excavation Truck Services
  • Well Completion (Frac) Support
  • Pipeline Pig Support
  • Water Truck Support
  • Off Road (Track Unit) Hydro-Vac
  • Hydro-Blasting (Industrial)
  • Pressure Washing (Industrial)
  • Hyper blasting & UHP work
  • Transportation services, reuse services

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