Our experienced consultants are trained in a range of disciplines to produce comprehensive contingency plans, design exercises, recommend oil spill response packages, and audit a client’s ability to effectively manage and respond to an incident.


Consultancy and Projects

We pride ourselves on developing response plans that are specific to the facilities risk profile, useable and easy to follow, allowing for an effective and efficient response. Our multidisciplinary consultants not only have knowledge of regulatory compliance but have a wealth of experience in both planning for incidents and responding to incidents.

  • Onshore and Offshore Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (OPEP) – UKCS
  • Offshore Exploration and Production Drilling Oil Spill Contingency Plans
  • Ports and Harbours Oil Spill Contingency Plans
  • Marine Pollution Contingency Plan for Offshore Renewables
  • COMAH site Emergency Management Plans
  • Incident Management Plans
  • Emergency Management Plans
  • Hazardous Noxious Substance (HNS Spill Contingency Plans)
  • Shoreline Response Plans
  • Inland Pipeline Spill Response Plans
  • Tactical Response Plans – Booming Plans, Asset Protect, Role/Team specific Aide memoirs.


At Ampipar, we are more than just a phone number. Personal service has always been a top priority. It is part of our philosophy and commitment to support our customers in identifying solutions to meet the regulatory requirements of USDOT. Whether you need an emergency response telephone number or assistance creating a security plan, contact us for comprehensive and accurate regulatory support.

See what Ambipar can offer:



Ambipar Response meets our clients’  internal training and legislative requirements anywhere across the globe. Our wealth of experience identifies gaps within operations and provides strategies to protect our clients from legal or financial damage.

We strengthen our client’s communication, mobilisations and incident management procedures through a range of bespoke practical and table-top exercises relevant to oil, chemical and incident management scenarios:



Ambipar Response has built a pool of subject matter experts to support businesses in need of training, contingency planning, exercises, equipment readiness and response. 

Our technical experts act as an extension of our clients’ organization, ensuring that relationship between stakeholders  are strengthened. 

In the event that our clients’ need additional resources in house,  we can rapidly deploy Technical Advisors, Environmental Specialists and Incident Managers to enhance business operations anywhere in the world. 


Equipment Hire

Depending on whether you are conducting a short-term drilling campaign, ship to ship transfer or a longer term construction project, Ambipar Response offers  a turnkey solution through the hire of equipment packages to meet their client’s risk.

Our technical team will assess the risk posed by your operation, take into consideration any regulatory requirements, the dynamics of the environment and any options for mutual aid before making a recommendation on the appropriate resources to meet the risk. Inclusive of any hire package will be the commissioning, training and ongoing maintenance for longer term hire.

Our oil spill equipment hire packages can accommodate various operations that include the following.