Ambipar Response is recognized for its thoroughness in the provision of training courses to all levels of personnel involved in incident response and preparedness. Our integrated approach and comprehensive expertise ensure every course is tailored to meet our client’s specific needs as well as fulfilling all regulatory standards.



The International Courses on Emergency Response to Hazardous Products is based on NFPA 470 standard, meeting the requirements of national and international legislation.

Our accredited Hazmat/HNS training courses combine both theoretical and practical elements of hazmat/HNS response, ensuring on completion the delegates are knowledgeable and understanding of hazmat/HNS response.

Our hazmat/HNS spill response training can be undertaken at either a Ambipar Response training facility or at any clients specified location by multidisciplinary instructors with practical actions in real events.


MCA and IMO Accredited Oil Spill Response Training

Courses follow a full assessment of each client’s objectives, contingency and crisis management plans then structured to meet their specific requirements. Trainees familiarize themselves with the tools and techniques of oil spill response and learn from our knowledgeable team, who bring a unique insight into their experiences of live incidents around the world.”


Incident Command System

The course is of a theoretical nature with interactive sessions that assist in the learning process.  The course can be either be held at an Ambipar Response training facility or at a suitable location, convenient for the delegates.

Throughout the course there is a complete overview of the incident management process with the opportunity to add an exercise day in addition to the 2 days. The course covers both large and small events so delegates gain a wide range of knowledge and skill.



Spill Awareness

The course outline is to introduce those responsible for the initial notification and response to an operational spill to the preparedness, response techniques and requirements when dealing with oils, chemicals, effluent, foodstuffs and other potential pollutants on your site.



Ambipar Response Training Centers, known as ARTC, are the training facilities that Ambipar Response has over the World, strategically located for its clients and operations. 

ARTC is a proven worldwide leader in multiproducts for multimodals response and international-standards-based responder training, utilizing cutting-edge facilities and technologies, innovative learning, and forward-thinking instruction to prepare today’s emergency responders for tomorrow’s evolving emergency response needs.

We have an international network of training centers called Ambipar Response Training Center (ARTC), with units in Chile, Peru, Brazil, and the world’s largest HAZMAT training center located in Pueblo, CO, United States.

Through these training programs, we promote the qualification of individuals, ensuring quality and safety in processes, with a highly skilled technical team holding national and international certifications.