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Environmental Services

Waste Management and Recovery

As a pioneer in management and full recovery of industrial wastes, Ambipar minimizes environmental impacts, offering integrated solutions focused on no landfill site politics, following the principles of the Circular Economy foreseen on the National Policy of Solid Wastes.


Waste Collection and Transport

Through the collection and transportation of wastes, Ambipar serves the greater generators of wastes, with the collection, transport, and final destination of:

  • Wastes of Class I (hazardous ones)
  • Wastes of Class II (non-hazardous ones)

Disinfection of Environments

The disinfection of environments is an efficient method to eradicate viruses, bacterias, fungi, and to ensure the protection of people who use the place with protection.

Our specialized technicians use specific products with an ammonia base. The substance is a strong industrial disinfectant able to shatter the virus fat external layer in order to eliminate it.