Ambipar Response is recognised as a leading provider of Hazmat and HNS response services; this is shown throughout our Hazmat/HNS training courses with references to past operations.

The International Course on Emergency Response to Hazardous Products is based on NFPA 472 and ABNT NBR14.064, meeting the requirements of national and international legislation.

Our accredited Hazmat/HNS training courses combine both theoretical and practical elements of hazmat/HNS response, ensuring on completion the delegates are knowledgeable and understanding of hazmat/HNS response.

Our hazmat/HNS spill response training can be undertaken at either a Ambipar Response training facility or at any clients specified location by multidisciplinary instructors with practical actions in real events.

Courses follow a full assessment of each client’s objectives, risk evaluations and crisis management plans then structured to meet their specific requirements. Trainees familiarise themselves with the tools and techniques of hazmat/HNS response and learn from our knowledgeable team, who bring a unique insight into their experiences of live incidents both large and small.

It aim to provide participants with technical and practical knowledge that allows them to develop defensive and preventive actions as a result of emergencies with chemical and dangerous products, including assessment and monitoring techniques, as well as:

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