We developed this checklist for use in our Property Condition Assessments to help determine if a Phase I environmental assessment should be conducted for a prospective property acquisition.

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    Are or were chemicals (including petroleum or any hazardous substance) used in the operation of the facility, now or in the past?

    Are or were chemicals (including petroleum or any hazardous substance) stored at the facility, now or in the past?

    Discarded chemical containers present or ever found?

    Waste piles of any type (ask about buried waste and any related evidence; also ask if any fill dirt was ever brought onto the site)?

    Presence of, or former presence of, onsite septic systems or any other Class V wells such as cesspools, floor drains that discharge into the subsurface, storm water drainage pits, etc.

    On-site wells? Describe: Potable, monitoring, remediation, fire protection, etc.? Are they contaminated (odor or other evidence)?

    Presence (current or past) of underground storage tanks? Evidence includes “mystery” fill or vent pipes. Look at surrounding properties as well.

    Presence (current or past) of above ground storage tanks?

    Distressed vegetation or bare-soil areas?

    Oily film on standing water?

    Discolored/stained soil present (or reported in past)?

    Discolored/stained cement, stormwater drains, interior surfaces, walls, ceilings, indicative of a hazardous substance spill?

    Asbestos? (indicate how known in comments)

    Unusual Odors? (including inside such as in floor drains)

    Waste generated or managed/processes onsite? How?

    Dry cleaning done? (past or present – onsite or surrounding properties)How?

    Gas Station presently or in past, onsite or surrounding properties?

    Auto repair shop or auto service shop presently or in past (onsite or surrounding properties)?

    Commercial printing facility presently or in past (onsite or surrounding properties)?

    Photo Developing Laboratory in past (onsite or surrounding properties)?

    Junkyard or landfill (onsite or surrounding properties) present or past?

    Industrial batteries, paints or other chemical observed in individual containers (drums, sacks, totes, etc.) greater than 5 gallons or in aggregate greater than 50 gallons? (past or present)

    Parts washer on site (past or present)?

    Any pits, ponds, lagoons, or evidence of such (present or past) onsite, or any other indication of present or past waste treatment or disposal?

    Knowledge of or evidence of current or past spillage? Provide spill history (current owner and past owners) and assessment/cleanup documentation.

    Oil-filled electrical equipment inventoried, mapped, and labeled? PCBs past or present? Old hydraulic equipment?

    Has a phase I Environmental Assessment been conducted in the past? (Look at the conclusion for identification of recognized environmental conditions)

    Does property discharge any wastewater (not including sanitary or stormwater) onto or adjacent to the property and/or into a stormwater system or sanitary system.

    Any concerns on neighboring properties (hazardous materials storage, stains, hazardous materials loading operations, etc.)

    Environmental Permits and Notifications (air, water/NPDES, waste, wetlands, etc.) in Place?

    Describe Permits and Associated Restrictions:
    Citations, claims, enforcement actions, violations, administrative proceedings, or complaints/lawsuits (including threatened or pending) regarding environmental problems (present or past or likely)?

    Notices of violations (past or present)?

    Environmental clean-up action (needed, documented, required, etc.) – provide reports?

    Any environmental liens?

    Full Phase I Environmental Assessment Required?