Through he designs of port and harbour equipment speed of response is critical to ensure spills can be contained quickly and do not impact sensitive receptor sites. Equipment needs to be compact for ease of storage on a quayside or at a port facility but needs to be readily available for a rapid deployment should an incident occur.

Typically fence boom would be utilised in sheltered ports as it is quick to deploy requiring no inflation as it is self-buoyant through internal solid flotation. 

There are varying options in terms of skimmer choice depending on the risk profile. Portable storage that can be constructed ion a matter of minutes would be required as a temporary storage tank for recovered oil.     

Ports and Harbour Package 

  • 200m Fence Boom
  • Skimmer and Power Pack
  • Storage tank 2000l 
  • Absorbent Pads 
  • PPE
  • 10’ ISO Container    

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