Environmental solutions from major companies like Ambipar Group promote conservation projects

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Posted in September 5, 2023

São Paulo, September 5, 2023 – Amazon Day, celebrated on September 5th, reinforces the commitment of society as a whole to the conservation of the world’s largest forest and a crucial biome for the climate and environmental balance of the entire planet. According to data from DETER, a real-time deforestation detection system via satellite operated by the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), deforestation in the Amazon showed a 33.6% reduction in alert areas in the first half of 2023 compared to the same period last year.

The reduction reported by INPE underscores the importance of initiatives aimed at conserving the Amazon rainforest and combating deforestation. In addition to increased monitoring, actions by major companies in the Amazon help conserve the biome and generate carbon credits to offset greenhouse gas emissions.

Ambipar’s contribution to the Amazon comes through the projects of Biofílica Ambipar, which is responsible for a conservation area covering over 2 million hectares. Founded in 2008, Biofílica Ambipar is a Brazilian reference in the development of projects focused on the conservation and restoration of forests, especially the Amazon.

Biofílica Ambipar’s REDD+ projects (an approach that generates carbon credits through actions to combat deforestation and forest degradation combined with biodiversity protection and community well-being promotion) are verified and eligible for trading in the voluntary carbon market, the only one operating in Brazil. This tool is crucial for forest recovery and conservation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), including carbon dioxide, through compensation mechanisms.

“The purchase of carbon credits is internationally recognized as a solution for companies to offset their GHG emissions. Credits serve as a means to fund forest conservation and are a significant barrier in the fight against deforestation. In addition to helping combat climate change, buying carbon credits offers various benefits and is a relevant aspect of organizations’ decarbonization journey,” explains Plínio Ribeiro, CEO of Decarbon at Ambipar Environment.

A study from the Federal University of Viçosa (UFV) showed that 1 hectare of trees absorbs 3.1 tons of carbon dioxide per year. To put it into perspective, this is the amount of gas emitted by a car after driving 16,000 km. A mature tree of average size, for instance, produces about 120 kg of oxygen per year. According to the same study, 1 hectare of trees produces oxygen equivalent to the needs of 40 people.

The areas managed by Biofílica Ambipar reduce (REDD+) and remove (ARR) approximately 4.7 million tCO2e (tons of carbon dioxide equivalent) per year. According to Plínio, the goal is to double this number and reach 7 million in the coming years, significantly expanding the forest area managed or planted by the company.

To democratize access to carbon offset concepts and practices, Ambipar created a utility token through Ambify, connecting people to a greener, low-carbon economy. The aim is to reduce the impacts of climate change. With the ABFY token, individuals and businesses can easily, transparently, and securely offset their carbon emissions.

One carbon credit corresponds to 1 tCO2e (ton of carbon dioxide equivalent) avoided, and through Ambify’s technology, this credit can be divided into kilograms, allowing individuals and small businesses to offset emissions.

According to João Valente, Director of Digital Assets at Ambipar Group, Ambify’s focus is on raising awareness that people’s everyday actions produce a carbon footprint that affects the environment. “We’re talking about when we have a meal, commute, attend a soccer game, watch a series at home. All these activities and countless others leave a footprint that contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. With Ambify, any company or individual can easily measure their carbon footprint and contribute to reducing or neutralizing it,” he says.

ABFY is available on the largest Brazilian cryptocurrency exchanges and even on foreign exchanges. The use of blockchain technology enhances transparency, integrity, and record-keeping of the credits offered on the platform, ensuring clear and secure information for buyers on how and where emissions are being offset.

Ambify’s technology, which measures CO₂ emissions, is based on the Brazilian Greenhouse Gas Protocol Program and audited by SGS, a global leader in the field. The carbon credits used in Ambify’s offset methodology are certified by the VCS program of Verra, responsible for 75% of all voluntary carbon credit project certifications in the world.

The Amazon rainforest plays a crucial role in climate balance. It absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide. Without it, global temperatures would increase significantly, leading to catastrophic climate changes. By using technology, innovation, and knowledge to create projects that protect the forest and its communities, Ambipar’s work is an example of how companies can contribute to preserving this biome and combating climate change.

About Ambipar

Ambipar is a Brazilian multinational, a pioneer in environmental management solutions, present in 40 countries on all 6 continents. Through its subsidiaries, Ambipar Environment and Ambipar Response, it aims to help companies and society be sustainable, preserving the world for future generations. As such, it offers services and products such as crisis management and response to environmental emergencies occurring on highways, railways, airports, ports, port terminals, industries, mining, and pipelines.

The Company has a commitment to sustainability issues ingrained in its DNA, working on ESG pillars within its business and providing effective solutions while establishing lasting partnerships with employees, clients, and suppliers.

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