Is the Ambipar Drug and Alcohol program right for your company?

By Writing Team
Posted in February 1, 2022

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Twenty years ago, Sonya Young was enjoying a rewarding career in office management when she was offered the position she still holds today. Ambipar’s Drug & Alcohol Program Administrator, Young admits it’s a role she took-to almost immediately. “Honestly, everything about it interested me, and it still does. But my favorite part of the job has always been the people aspect. I enjoy so many long term working relationships with the companies we serve”

Young’s co-worker Bailey Hanchett at Ambipar’s Ogden Utah-based office will attest to the trust and loyalty she inspires among her customer base. “I can’t tell you how many calls we’ve taken for Sonya over the years, filling-in when she’s on vacation — only to have the caller tell us, ‘I’ll just wait till she comes back.’”

That said, it would stand to reason that the actual testing part of her job — often viewed as an inconvenience at best and an outright violation of personal privacy and freedom at worst — is a common source of friction. “Just the opposite,” Young says. “We’ve tested thousands of employees, and my experience is, and has been, overwhelmingly positive. In 20 years, I can count on one hand the number of truly unpleasant people I’ve encountered.”

It’s an observation that clearly speaks to the level of professionalism in her Friendly But Firm demeanor. “Everyone we test comes to us as a condition of their continued employment. And sure, we understand the level of sensitivity people feel — but when you treat people with genuine respect, it makes all the difference. We’re also very conscientious about walking people through the process, making everything as clear and easy as possible.


PERS Data is a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) for controlled substance use and alcohol misuse testing. Our program helps carriers, subject to the USDOT drug and alcohol regulations (49CFR, Part 382), combat the high cost and confusion associated with compliance.

As you initiate our Drug & Alcohol program, PERS will help your company comply with the following DOT requirements outlined in 49CFR Part 382 and Part 40: • Company Drug and Alcohol Policy (§382.601); • Supervisor Training (§382.603); • Driver Awareness Training (§382.601 (b))

Part 382 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations – Controlled Substances and Alcohol Use and Testing – applies to every person subject to the CDL requirements, and to all employers of such persons, who operate commercial motor vehicles in commerce in any state.

“One of the primary industries we now serve is trucking, where companies are required by DOT to be subject for Random testing with a consortium. Drivers have come to accept testing as part of the job. That’s also largely the case with people working in jobs where impaired performance can literally be life-threatening.”

Of course, administering tests is hardly the only aspect of Young’s job — particularly since the majority of those tests are conducted remotely. “We’ve evolved into a one-stop resource for our customers — offering everything from testing to consulting services for regulation compliance and program management. We’ve even developed our own products in-house, including Supervisor and Driver Awareness Training and Policy Design. Very few companies in our industry offer the breadth and quality of services we deliver.”

Testing options offered:
The types of testing Young’s team offers include:

  • Random selection
  • Pre-employment
  • Reasonable suspicion
  • Post- accident
  • Return-to-duty
  • Follow-up testing

MRO services
“We also provide Medical Review Officer (MRO) services — where licensed physicians review lab results and offer medical explanations for certain results.”

Another critical part of Young’s job is record-keeping. “Drug and alcohol records are highly confidential, so it goes without saying that we’ve developed processes and procedures for meeting all Federal record-keeping requirements.”

Considering the advantages and conveniences her team offers, the natural assumption would be that their services come at a premium. “Actually, our pricing is highly competitive — which probably explains why we’ve grown so much, and why we have so many long-term customers. Who wouldn’t want to work with a company that offers broader, better and more personable services for roughly the same price?”

Given all that, is it any wonder so many good companies find themselves hooked on Sonya Young?

To learn more, or to enroll your company, contact Sonya directly
800-728-2482 or [email protected]

NOTE: All of Ambipar’s Drug & Alcohol Testing services are available to companies nationwide.