Inland chemical spills pose a great threat to the environment and socioeconomic resources. 

Chemical Incidents vary widely from intentional hazards related to terrorism, industrial accidents, and road traffic collisions through to drug paraphernalia to suicides and animal carcases.

Certain toxic chemicals if not treated immediately can leave operations unusable for extended periods of time resulting in costly fines.  

Our experienced decontamination teams can neutralise these hazards swiftly and efficiently by prioritising spill containment to minimise the effects and to limit danger to persons, the environment and property.

All businesses have an obligation to do as much as practicable to mitigate pollution risk from escaping its containment or preventing contaminated run-off from entering a marine environment, aquifers, or soil.

Our Value

  • We adhere to the Environmental Protection Act 1990,
  • Ambipar is also an approved reseller of the Harbo boom system, best suited for rapid deployment in ports and harbours.
  • We are accredited by the International Spill Accreditation Scheme (ISAS) under the UK MCA’s National Standard for Marine Oil Spill Response Organisations. 

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