Executives from five companies acquired by Ambipar in North America exchanged experiences and presented a portfolio of services during a meeting in Austin, Texas, United States

By Writing Team
Posted in June 30, 2021

The directors of Ambipar’s branches in North America met in Austin, Texas, USA, on the last week of June 21, with the objective of aligning the company’s objectives, in addition to exchanging experiences and defining best practices in each unit. This was the first meeting held between the executives of the five companies acquired in the United States and Canada in 2020 and 2021 by Ambipar.

All leaders participated in a series of important meetings to initiate the execution and integration plan, communication alignment, and the company’s business strategies in the short and medium-term. For the CEO of Ambipar in the United States, John Modine, this was a unique opportunity for everyone to learn more about the organization and take a step further towards the success of a growing business in North America.

“We feel that the meetings will strengthen our team and elevate our brand in the field we work. We only see positive impacts for each of our units and will become one of the world’s largest emergency response and environmental management organizations,” says John.

Together, the North American branches will be able to offer more than 50 types of services to customers, which means providing access to an extensive portfolio with integrated solutions. “Without a doubt, this leadership event allowed everyone to be more integrated in relation to the company’s business strategies and continue to focus on expanding the business around North America and other regions in which Ambipar operates”, says the CEO of the company Ambipar Holding USA.

Other Ambipar leadership meetings are being scheduled for the next few months, with the aim of integrating the company’s objectives and aligning the global expansion plan, strengthening the brand and environmental services around the world.