A turtle is rescued through the Beach Monitoring Project.

By Writing Team
Posted in April 26, 2024

São Mateus, ES – In an environmental conservation effort, Ambipar Response, through the Beach Monitoring Project of the Campos Basin and Espírito Santo (PMP-BC/ES), executed since 2010, released a green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) along the coast of Espírito Santo and northern Rio de Janeiro states.

The turtle was found stranded at Guriri Beach, São Mateus/ES, missing one of its flippers. After nearly 40 days of intensive care at our Marine Fauna Rehabilitation Center, where it received treatment from veterinarians, biologists, and technical assistants, the animal was ready to return to its natural habitat.

The release took place on November 21, during an environmental education event for students of Hirinea Lima Oliveira Municipal Elementary School, organized by TAMAR/ICMBio Center, a partner of Ambipar in implementing PMP-BC/ES in the northern region of Espírito Santo. Before being set free, the turtle was tagged with a numbered mark controlled by TAMAR/ICMBio Center to facilitate its future monitoring.

This rescue was particularly remarkable not only due to the flipper amputation, which did not prevent the animal from surviving in the wild but also because of the removal of solid waste during treatment and the successful rehabilitation that allowed its reintroduction into nature.

Ambipar continues to contribute to environmental preservation and awareness, reaffirming its commitment to marine fauna conservation and ecosystem protection. After all, there is no planet B.