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Posted in January 25, 2022

Ambipar is the only one specializing in emergency response with dangerous products participating in this technical committee.

Ambipar was invited to participate on the technical committee for the US National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NAS) at the end of 2020. With the knowledge and experience of Jorge A Carrasco, Technical Director of Ambipar Holdings USA, a technical report on the safe transport of liquefied petroleum gas (LNG) by tank wagon was developed.

“The technical report was so well received by the US Congress and the Department of Transportation that the NAS is preparing a second material related to specific aspects of the document,” says Carrasco.

The twelve organizations represented on the committee are mainly universities, official laboratories of the US Government, organizations that advise government, and institutes of Technology.

According to Carrasco, the technical committee’s agenda is quite intense and may meet up to twice a month. He says, “Later in January, we will receive the calendar for 2022 so we can better manage our availability to meet the needs of the NAS and have even more detailed information to work with throughout the year.”

Ambipar is honored to be the only emergency service company invited to participate in this technical committee. “If compared to any other company in the area of security ad emergencies, we are highlighted for having been selected to collaborate with the chemical safety of the transport of cryogenic natural gas in the United States,” concludes Carrasco.

  • Access the full report here
Jorge A Carrasco, Technical Director of Ambipar Holdings USA