Cristina Andriotti recalls that Ambipar's core business is ESG

By Writing Team
Posted in September 19, 2022

At a finance event, Ambipar Environment’s CEO, Cristina Andriotti, discusses the growing challenges of the ESG agenda with executives.

The CEO of Ambipar Environment, Cristina Andriotti, was among the guests of the event and participated in the panel called “The ESG journey in different business stages”, which also had the participation of Thaiany Assad, Corporate Communication and ESG Director at Vulcabras; Marcela Rocha, Executive Director of Corporate Affairs at JBS; and Marcella Ungaretti, Head of ESG Research at XP.

According to Cristina, the debate on the development of companies in ESG topics is more advanced among international investors, mainly European ones, but the agenda is also advancing among Brazilian investors: “Investors see less risk and more profitability in companies focused on ESG”, she says. .

Marcella Ungaretti, Head of ESG Research and Partner at XP, was responsible for opening the panel, contextualizing the increase in relevance of the ESG agenda in recent years: around the world, there are more than 35 trillion dollars in funds responsible for inserting the theme ESG on the global agenda.

In agreement with Cristina’s view, Thiany Assad, Director of Corporate Communications and ESG at Vulcabrás, commented that she sees “different levels of maturity between international and national investors”. She added that “filling in ESG questions is almost like a premise” for foreign investors – and most local investors are still maturing in their understanding of how ESG impacts companies.

Nossa ambição é ajudar todas as empresas a colocar ESG em seu dia a dia

Despite advances, there are many challenges on the ESG journey

For Marcella Ungaretti, from XP, among these challenges is the lack of standardization between the different forms of analysis of global agencies. According to her, the lack of obligation of Brazilian regulation on the disclosure of reports focused on ESG is also an important issue.

Ambipar Environment CEO Cristina Andriotti recalls that Ambipar’s core business is ESG, and highlights: “Our ambition now is to help all companies put this in their daily lives”. In Cristina’s view, Ambipar’s task is to bring technology and innovation to waste – and this is in the company’s DNA. “Every day is a new mission. What I did yesterday is not good, we need to improve,” she concludes.