Jornal de Plásticos - 06/24/2023

By Writing Team
Posted in June 19, 2023

The innovation allowed for a 30% reduction in the use of virgin plastic in production

Last May, the packaging of powdered soap Urca, a GTEX Group product, became more sustainable through a partnership between Lar Plásticos, Dow Embalagens, Boomera Ambipar and Finepack. Designed to combine care with clothes and environmental responsibility, the unprecedented project in Latin America aims to reduce the use of virgin raw materials in the industrial sector and points to circularity as the answer to the future of plastic.

The circular chain implemented in the production process of Urca brand packaging was made possible through the use of REVOLOOP™, a plastic film made from post-consumer recycled resin that allowed for the replacement of virgin raw material by 30%, accelerating the incorporation of sustainable solutions in GTEX Group initiatives.

In this partnership between the companies, Lar Plásticos was responsible for supplying the input, that is, the disposal of post-consumer polyethylene resin (PCR) for the composition of the powdered Urca laundry powder packaging. Manufactured through the mechanical recycling of plastics, the use of REVELOOP™ promotes environmental and economic benefits.

The integration of recycled material allows the reuse of waste, which would previously be disposed of in landfills and could take hundreds of years to decompose. “Through the circular economy, we extend the useful life of products and develop high-quality solutions linked to environmental preservation. We are increasingly delving into the concept of positive packaging for society and the environment, serving the competitive consumer market, meeting the needs of major brands and prioritizing the pillars for a sustainable consumption chain”, explains the industrial director of Lar Plásticos, Leonardo Marino.

The circular economy platform currently uses recycled plastic in more than 95% of its industrial production and is connected to cooperatives for the collection and use of post-consumer material in order to meet the selective and urban collection needs present in the market, as well as as well as customizing packaging solutions such as the partnership with Dow and Boomera Ambipar.