By Business Alabama Staff - 02/10/2022

By Writing Team
Posted in March 18, 2022

Shannon Riley, who founded Birmingham’s One Stop Environmental in 1999 before selling to Brazil’s Ambipar Response in 2020, has been named CEO of Ambipar’s U.S. operations.

She’ll manage the operation of 16 U.S. locations for Ambipar, an environmental management and emergency response group.

“Ambipar Response has done an extraordinary job of consistently acquiring talented, high-quality and like-minded companies in the U.S.,” says Riley. “I am excited to lead this group as we become part of the Ambipar Response culture and bring service and quality to the United States at a level previously unseen in our industry. I am optimistic that our continued expansion will offer our customers even greater advantages.”

Riley built One Stop Environmental into the largest woman-owned, full-service environmental company in the Southeast. After the sale to Ambipar, Riley became president of the Southeast region for Ambipar.

Riley has degrees from Furman University and the University of Alabama and has worked at Los Alamos National Labs, among other places.

Ambipar has more than 12,000 employees in 18 countries. The company offers sustainable solutions for environmental protection, transport, logistics, distribution, training, management and support for crises and emergencies.