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Quão dependente do ciclo do carbono somos?

According to the National Solid Waste Policy, distributors and traders (large generators) are responsible for their own waste disposal, what happens in most cases is the outsourcing of services such as collection and transport of this waste to a treatment center.

Ambipar performs this type of service from the collection of waste and transport to its own center, located in Nova Odessa, in the interior of São Paulo. At this location, waste is separated, de-characterized, dismantled and segregated in each type of material to return to the production chain.

In addition to the collection, transport and de-characterization, we also work with household waste collection points. Where the general public can deliver their packaging and recyclable material and gain benefits.

Through an innovative collection program distributed by several public and private places, household waste is worth points that can be converted into several benefits!

Whether as an OOH media vehicle, owner or event, acquire an innovative and technological tool for your business, with trade and endomarketing actions, CRM, in addition to obtaining environmental certificates to comply with legal obligations. Learn about our solutions:

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