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More and more the investors appreciate ESG (English initials for environmental, social, and corporate governance) aspects. Ambipar is the only one that acts throughout the environmental chain and has the capacity to create a program with specific actions for your company.

Patented Products

Ambipar has 24 patents of technology and innovation. Among them, we highlight ecological paints produced with wastes of treatment plants or fertilizers industry, animal feed made of wastes from the fishing industry, the application “Carbon Z” to calculate and neutralize the carbon footprint, and a Continuous Electroflocculation Reactor (REC) for the treatment and reutilization of liquid effluents.

International Operation

Ambipar is in 40 countries, holding more than 400 operational bases. From Antarctica to the United Kingdom, from the United States to Japan, Ambipar works exporting the Brazilian know-how, and training local teams with the same standard as we work in Brazil.

Integrated and personalized solutions

Ambipar acts according to the needs and specific characteristics of each customer, ensuring integrated and personalized solutions. The Research, Development, and Innovation department works together with each company in order to present economic and valuable solutions.

Research, Development and Innovation

Ambipar Research, Development, and Innovation (PD&I) department develops products from wastes of industries and companies. Studies and researches are made in order to use wastes that the companies destinate to landfill sites with high cost to produce new products, and promote the circular economy.

Specialist in Crisis Management

Ambipar is a specialist in Crisis Management that involve health, estate, and environment. Through the emergency service with quick response, Ambipar avoids social and environmental impacts and manages viral crises, such as the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.


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