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With the principles of circular economy, we incorporate waste into production processes, reducing the use of natural resources and financial costs, subsidizing our customers with total engagement and improvements in their ESG indicators .

Acting strategically with solutions that integrate technology and sustainability, we, at Ambipar Environment, develop customized projects, preserving and regenerating the world for future generations.

Waste Management

Total Waste Management, Circular Economy & Eco Park.

  • +150 Partner Cooperatives;
  • 3 Eco Parks;
  • 09 Processing industries.

Ambipar offers total waste management services with a focus on the circular economy, valuing waste post-consumer and post-industry and reinserting them into the production chain, promoting a low-carbon economy and reducing the extraction of natural resources.

  • Total Waste Management;
  • Recycling (Plastics, Paper, Cardboard, Metals and Glass);
  • Recycling Credits;
  • Composting;
  • Waste Treatment and Final Disposal.


Water Solutions

Water Production and Supply & Effluent Management.

  • 07 Plants;
  • +5.3M m³ of treated effluents.

Ambipar has one stop shop solutions, operating in the production and distribution of water for industries, engineering, manufacturing and operation of stations water and effluent treatment, promoting the regeneration of natural resources through the reuse of effluents.

  • Turn Key Projects;
  • On-site Operation;
  • Off-site Operation.



Energy Generation from Waste.

  • 07 Plants;
  • +110,000 tons of waste turned into fuel

Ambipar develops and operates energy generation from waste projects, supporting the energy transition of your business.

  • Coprocessing;
  • Biomass boiler;
  • Biogas and Biomethane;
  • Pyrolysis.



Decarbonization, Carbon Credits & Forest Management.

  • +2.5M hectares preserved in the Amazon;
  • +5.3M tons of carbon credits/year.

Ambipar offers solutions for the entire decarbonization journey, starting with the greenhouse gas inventory, going through reducing emissions and ending with the offer of carbon credits.

  • GHG emissions inventory;
  • Development of projects to reduce GHG emissions;
  • Sale of Carbon Credits;
  • Forest Management and Silviculture;



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