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Waste Management

Total Waste Management, Circular Economy & Eco Park.

Ambipar offers total waste management services focused on the circular economy, valorizing post-consumption and post-industrial waste and reintegrating it into the production chain, promoting a low-carbon economy and reducing the extraction of natural resources.

  • Total Waste Management;
  • Recycling (Plastics, Paper, Cardboard, Metals, and Glass);
  • Recycling Credits;
  • Composting;
  • Waste Treatment and Final Disposal.

Pioneers in complete management and valorization of industrial waste, transforming waste back into raw material through Circular Engineering and Reverse Logistics.


Waste Management

Total Waste Management

Ambipar offers complete solutions for total industrial waste management and develops customized projects, exploring new routes for waste with a focus on its valorization. Moreover, it has a research and innovation laboratory with 25 circular economy patents.

  • Zero Landfill Policy;
  • Management of Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste;
  • Internal/External Transportation and Handling;
  • Composting (production of organic fertilizer);
  • Treatment and Final Disposal.

WASTE MANAGEMENT Total Waste Management

Miolo Gestão Total de Resíduos Waste Management

Circular Economy

Sustainable Packaging and Certificates.

Following the principles of the circular economy, Ambipar incorporates recyclable waste into production processes, replacing the use of natural resources in the industry and reducing financial costs.

The waste is sent to Ambipar’s transformation industries, which manufacture sustainable and certified packaging.



Eco Park

Ambipar has 03 eco parks strategically located for the treatment and final disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, which are managed and not valorized.

Units: Guara/SP, Aracruz/ES, and São Mateus/ES.

  • Class I and II Waste Cell;
  • Recyclables Sorting;
  • Wastewater Treatment System (ETE);
  • Blending Unit;
  • Incineration;
  • Autoclaving.


Ambipar Environment Eco Parks Core

We, at Ambipar, minimize environmental impacts by offering integrated solutions focused on the zero landfill policy, as outlined in the National Solid Waste Policy, following the principles of the Circular Economy.

With the consolidation of management reports, traceability, legal and environmental compliance,
we support our clients with total engagement and improvement in their ESG
(Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) indicators.

By reincorporating waste into production processes, our clients improve their sustainability indexes and save important financial and natural resources for the present and future generations.

We, at Ambipar Environment, have established ourselves as an environmental solutions hub with a complete portfolio for the entire waste chain in a centralized manner.

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