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Through the Ambipar Group’s unique synergy between environmental management and emergency management, we are able to provide innovative solutions that contribute to the regeneration of our planet, supporting organizations around the world to adopt ESG practices to your business strategies, protecting people, the reputation of our customers and the planet.

Adopting ESG principles brings competitive advantages to companies with the highest market value. Therefore, we carry out complete consultancies, working on the strategic positioning of implementing ESG for our clients.


Sustainability consultancy and advice.

Our solutions help companies identify risks and opportunities related to the ESG Agenda and achieve sustainable management b>, with positive impacts for all its stakeholders.

  • sustainability practices in the environmental, social and governance areas;
  • Corporate responsibility;
  • Integration with other key areas of the organization;
  • ESG Certification;
  • Insights & Research.



Integrated risk management.

Our integrated approach to risk management is what sets us apart. We help organizations around the world with:

  • Risk prevention and mitigation;
  • Increased degree of reliability;
  • Improving crisis responses.

The result is an evolution of maturity during the Governance journey, with improved resilience and performance based on business principles.



Technology for a sustainable future.

For over 25 years supporting business leaders at the tactical and strategic levels. Our technology solutions support sustainability management, strengthen corporate governance indices combined with a rigorous survey and analysis of legislation and programs that consolidate:

  • GRC (Governance, Risks and Compliance);
  • Quality Management;
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management;
  • Environmental Management;
  • Food Safety Management;
  • Risk and Supplier Management.



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