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Waste Management

Total Waste Management, Circular Economy & Eco Park.

We, at Ambipar, minimize environmental impacts by offering integrated solutions focused on the zero landfill policy, following the principles of circular economy.

  • A hub of environmental solutions with a complete portfolio for the entire waste chain in a centralized manner.

Water Solutions

Water Production and Supply & Effluent Management.

Ambipar offers one-stop-shop solutions, operating in water production and distribution for industries, engineering, manufacturing, and operation of water and effluent treatment plants, promoting natural resource regeneration through effluent reuse.

  • Turnkey Projects;
  • On-site Operation;
  • Off-site Operation.



Energy Generation from Waste.

Ambipar develops and operates projects for energy generation from waste, supporting the energy transition of your business.

  • Co-processing;
  • Biomass boiler;
  • Biogas and Biomethane;
  • Pyrolysis.


Decarbonization, Carbon Credits & Forest Management.

Ambipar offers solutions for the entire decarbonization journey, starting with greenhouse gas inventory, proceeding with emission reduction projects, and ending with carbon credits offerings.

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory;
  • Development of greenhouse gas emission reduction projects;
  • Carbon Credits Sale;
  • Forest Management and Silviculture.

Emergency Response

Crisis Management & Emergency Response.

A leader in crisis management and emergency response, Ambipar specializes in environmental emergency response across all scenarios (road, rail, industrial, maritime, pipelines, and forestry) and manages emergencies globally in a simultaneous, scalable, and standardized manner.

Industrial Services

Industrial Cleaning, Repair & Maintenance.

Ambipar specializes in work at height and confined spaces, equipment rental, and cleaning, repair, and maintenance of tanks. It is certified for handling radioactive waste.

Environmental Services

Environmental Analysis & Remediation of soil and groundwater.

Ambipar offers environmental analysis, recovery and remediation services for contaminated areas and has its own technology for manufacturing and operating its equipment.

Treinamentos Response

Portfolio with various types of training.

  • Focus on specialization in emergency response, occupational risk prevention, workplace safety, and ESG.

The ARTC, Ambipar Response Training Center, is a renowned global institution specialized in hazardous materials response and rescuer training. It establishes itself as a global leader in this field with its training centers: Brazil, Peru, Chile, and the USA.


Consulting and advisory in sustainability.

Our solutions assist companies in identifying risks and opportunities related to the ESG Agenda
and achieving sustainable management.

  • Sustainability practices in environmental, social, and governance areas;
  • Corporate responsibility;
  • Risk management;
  • Integration with other key areas of the organization.


Integrated Risk Management Approach.

We assist organizations worldwide in:

  • Risk prevention and mitigation;
  • Increasing reliability;
  • Enhancing crisis response.

The result is an evolution of maturity during the Governance journey, with improvement in resilience and performance with business principles.


Tecnologia ESG para um futuro sustentável.

Há mais de 25 anos apoiando líderes empresariais nos níveis táticos e estratégicos, as nossas soluções de tecnologia auxiliam a gestão da sustentabilidade e atualmente estão divididas em:

Logística Interna

Movimentação interna e expedição.

Estamos inseridos diretamente na cadeia de logística interna dos nossos clientes. Atuamos nos processos de:

  • Organização de vias e pátios;
  • Movimentação de insumos industriais;
  • Movimentação de material combustível;
  • Britagem de materiais;
  • Expedição de materiais acabados.

Movimentação de Resíduos

Com destacada atuação no setor cimenteiro, desempenhamos um importante papel na economia circular com a operação interna de movimentação de resíduos.


Britagem e Peneiramento

Unidades de britagem e classificação.

Contamos com equipamentos de diversos tipos e portes, fixos e móveis, atendendo necessidades específicas de curto e longo prazo.


Limpeza Mecanizada

Equipamentos especializados.

Utilizando equipamentos, como varredeiras rebocáveis e com filtros específicos para cada tipo de resíduo na limpeza industrial, colaboramos para que a sua empresa mantenha em dia seus compromissos com a preservação do Meio Ambiente.



Governance, Risk & Technology.

Our solutions help companies identify risks and opportunities related to the ESG Agenda and achieve sustainable management, with positive impacts for all stakeholders.

  • Sustainability practices in environmental, social, and governance areas;
  • Corporate responsibility;
  • Risk prevention and mitigation;
  • Integration with other key areas of the organization;
  • ESG technology for a sustainable future;
  • ESG certification;
  • Insights & Research.

Ambipar Logtech

Solutions focusing on the logistics market and sustainability.

Ambipar Logtech is a comprehensive structure of technological and financial services, offering credit solutions and a logistics system for carriers and shippers, including:



HAZMAT Transportation and Logistics.

With a complete operational structure, we at Ambipar have expertise in the transportation and logistics of hazardous goods, both bulk and packaged, with units strategically distributed in Brazil and Mercosur.

Engaging in inbound and outbound operations:

Ambipar Bank

Financial Solutions Focused on Sustainability.

Ambipar Bank was born with the DNA to deliver financial solutions in a modern and agile way, always caring about the growth of the sustainable chain. We have products that facilitate the management of your business in a simple and practical way. Explore our products.

  • Personal and Business Digital Accounts;
  • Ambipar Expense Corporate Card;
  • Receivables Anticipation.


Ambipar Rentals

Equipment Rental, Internal Handling & Mining.

We are integrated into our clients’ internal logistics chain, playing an important role in the circular economy with the operation of waste handling, industrial cleaning, and commitment to environmental preservation.

Ambipar Universo

Sustainable Products Store.

The Ambipar Universe recycles materials collected by Ambipar and transforms them, through the concepts of the circular economy, into objects for a lifetime.

We preferentially work with recycled materials such as aluminum and plastic in our lamps, tubes of toothpaste pressed into mirrors and furniture, organic cotton and biodegradable nylon in our textile line.

Discover our sustainable products store:

Ambipar Technologies

Blockchain Solutions.

We offer blockchain solutions to strengthen trust and transparency in your production process.
See our services:

Ambipar Parquetur

Sustainable Tourism

Management and operation of public use of natural parks to promote ecotourism through state and federal concessions.

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