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Decarbonization, Carbon Credits & Forest Management.

Ambipar offers solutions for the entire decarbonization journey, starting with the greenhouse gas inventory, through to emission reduction projects, and concluding with the offering of carbon credits.

  • GHG emissions inventory;
  • Development of GHG emission reduction projects;
  • Sale of Carbon Credits;
  • Forest Management and Silviculture;


Miolo Decarbon


With a technical team and proprietary software for measuring greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, Ambipar prepares the diagnosis and helps your business to develop the best strategy to reduce emissions, always aligning sustainability with the financial viability of projects.

  • Inventory and measurement of GHGs;
  • Diagnosis, strategy, and execution;
  • Decarbonization Plan (Net Zero).

DECARBON Consulting

Core Decarbon Ambipar Environment

Carbon Credits

Ambipar conserves over 2.5 million hectares
in the Amazon, and the annual potential for generating REDD+ carbon credits and Restoration is around 5 million tons per year.

These credits originate from NatureBased Solutions projects that promote the reduction
and sequestration of emissions through forest conservation and reforestation.

Ambipar has been elected four times as the best developer of forest carbon projects in the world.

DECARBON Carbon Credits

Core Decarbon Carbon Credits

Forest Management

Ambipar works on forest conservation and restoration projects. Tree planting combats climate change, generates carbon credits, and also provides environmental benefits, such as soil recovery, preservation of water resources, and development of local fauna.

  • Reforestation;
  • Forest Conservation;
  • Forest Restoration;
  • Seedling Production.

DECARBON Forest Management

Forest Management

Carbon Credits:

Purchasing Carbon Credits is an internationally recognized solution for companies, individuals, and governments to neutralize carbon emissions from their operations, which could not be avoided. When a company is carbon neutral, it means that it offsets the greenhouse gas emissions associated with its operations. The most common and cost-effective way to offset these emissions is through:

  • Purchasing carbon credits;
  • Offsets.

There are various types of carbon credits, as different activities and projects can lead to a reduction or removal of CO2. Ambipar’s credits are generated through two mechanisms, REDD+ and AR (Afforestation/Reforestation).

See our solutions in Decarbonization and Carbon Compensation:

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