The Area Plan (PA) contains information, measures and actions arising from consolidation of Individual Emergency Plans (PEI), Risk Management Programs (PGR) and Risk Analysis (EAR) of the enterprises that make up the organized ports. Its purpose is guaranteeing mutual assistance in the response to oil spill emergencies in the facilities of the integrated terminals of the organized port area.

Its dimension includes:

  • Description of the areas of concentration and scope of the area plan
  • Organizational response structure
  • Identification of accidental scenarios
  • Inventory and location of human and material resources available
  • Communication plan
  • Integration with other area plans
  • Procedures for coordinated coordination between installations
  • Procedures response in cases of oil-origin incidents of unknown origin
  • Formalized procedure manual for the management of waste management and management leaders
  • Material cleaning and decontamination procedures, equipment and resources used in the emergency response

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