LETPP is a license that authorizes the transport of dangerous products on public roads in the municipality of São Paulo, according to Municipal Decree 50.446 / 09. Both the carrier and the product shipper are subject to fines in the absence of LETPP. The process for obtaining the license consists of two main steps:

1st step – An Emergency Response Plan (PAE) is prepared by Ambipar’s technical team, for approval by the Secretariat for Green and Environment (SVMA) and inclusion of the company responsible for transportation in the Register of Dangerous Goods Transporters (CTPP) of the city of São Paulo. Ambipar is an emergency response company accredited by the Secretariat of Green and Environment (SVMA) of the city of São Paulo.

2nd step – Issuance of LETPP for each plate, through the approval of the Department of Road System (DSV) of the city of São Paulo.

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