The platform democratizes carbon credits

By Writing Team
Posted in August 30, 2022

Ambify – an Ambipar company focused on initiatives and carbon tokenization – started to trade, in August, its crypto assets backed by the crypto asset broker FOXBIT, expanding its operations in the financial market. The token is already traded on BitPreço, BitcoinToYou and Bitrecife platforms.

The Ambify token makes it simple and accessible to offset emissions, which in the past were only acquired in ton, being restricted to some segments. The platform democratizes carbon credits and makes them available to everyone, associating technology and transparency, protecting the environment and encouraging social causes in a manner consistent with Ambipar’s ESG strategy.

Ambify carbon credits are synonymous with transparency, from their origin to their retirement, which occurs when the customer requests their compensation, avoiding double counting or renegotiation. Ambify is the result of a combination of technology and concern for impacts on the environment and represents a fractional form of carbon credit.

“These partnerships are in line with the company’s strategic objectives and make the opportunity to trade certified and backed carbon credits accessible to millions of cryptocurrency exchange customers. They demonstrate the technological versatility of the Ambipar group, aligning synergies between the companies in favor of the sustainability of our planet”, explains Thiago Silva, CFO of Ambipar.