The objective is to promote the qualification of the Brazilian business sector on the voluntary carbon market

By Writing Team
Posted in June 20, 2022

Ambipar, a leading Brazilian multinational in environmental management, started at the end of May an agenda for the training of business leaders, in partnership with CEBDS – Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development. The objective is to promote the qualification of the Brazilian business sector regarding the voluntary carbon market, so that the sector’s transactions take place within the existing standards of environmental integrity and additionality.

Firstly, companies associated with CEBDS participate in this agenda, as well as executives from Brazilian companies that are decision makers in the sphere of public administration. Under the theme “Climate Integrity of the Voluntary Market”, leaders will be able to expand and operationalize knowledge regarding the voluntary carbon market and institute a more solid agenda in line with the conservation of sociobiodiversity in the country.

During the four workshops that will take place – from May to August of this year – entrepreneurs will be qualified on the following topics:

  1. Voluntary market and companies: situating the voluntary market in relation to corporate and pricing policies;
  2. Voluntary markets abroad and in Brazil: current international initiatives and state of evolution in Brazil;
  3. Understanding international and national certification standards;
  4. Practical analysis of a volunteer project: identifying problems.

The meetings will be held virtually with the participation of professionals with international experience in the carbon market, identification of low carbon solutions for the development of climate mitigation programs and a wide spectrum of industrial sectors served.

CEBDS is a non-profit civil association that promotes sustainable development through articulation with governments and civil society, in addition to disseminating the most current concepts and practices on the subject. It was founded in 1997 by a group of Brazilian businessmen, attentive to the changes and opportunities that sustainability brought. Today it brings together more than 80 business groups operating in Brazil.

Disseminating business knowledge and expertise

With extensive knowledge regarding the carbon market, executives from Ambipar Group, Biofílica Ambipar and Ambipar VG will reinforce and enhance the discussion during the days of the workshop.

Ambipar is a company that operates in several segments to offer complete services and products aimed at environmental management. Through Ambipar VG, for example, the company offers a platform for distance learning courses for professionals and corporations seeking complete training in sustainability and legal requirements. For about 20 years, the company has been operating in the legal monitoring and implementation of management systems. With the support of trained auditors, it offers advice to companies regarding ISO certifications and standards, as well as in the construction of the ESG agenda.

In its structure, it includes branches of varied training that ratify the responsibility of organizing thematic agendas on the Voluntary Carbon Market, as well as developing Programs for Reduction and/or Carbon Sequestration, technically and economically viable, to mitigate the environmental impacts caused and positively influence the regional society.

With Biofílica Ambipar, the company brings competence in creating and developing a solid and reliable market for forest carbon credits, becoming a national reference in the legal reserve compensation market, with solutions in all modalities, states and biomes.

Biofílica implements different types of projects that generate carbon credits in: REDD+ AR (Afforestation / Reforestation) and ALM (Agricultural Land Management). In addition, another approach is being implemented, Blue Carbon, which generates carbon credits through the conservation and restoration of coastal ecosystems, such as mangroves, marshes, apicuns and seagrass – seagrass.

In 2020, Biofílica Ambipar won for the fourth time the award “The Best Project Developer, Forest and Land use” offered by Environmental Finance, the main communication vehicle on environmental asset markets around the world, (the previous awards were in 2015, 2018 and 2019).

Committed to mitigating climate change, Ambipar created the Carbon Initiatives Board under the management of Bianca Maíra Teixeira Ayres, who is responsible for certificate programs in the voluntary carbon market to generate positive socio-environmental impacts worldwide, contributing with all industrial sectors.

Bianca holds a degree in biochemical engineering from the University of São Paulo (USP), a PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Campinas (Unicamp) and a postdoctoral degree in bioprocesses from the University of Lund, Sweden.