Um Só Planeta by Sabrina Neumann - 12/15/2022

By Writing Team
Posted in January 28, 2023

An association that seeks to promote sustainable development with civil society and governments launched a collective action program.

Seeking to defend directing investments towards solutions that generate a positive impact on nature and encourage innovative projects, the Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS) launched this Thursday (15th), at the Biodiversity COP, which takes place in Montreal, Canada, the Action Platform for Nature program.

The initiative is a movement by the Brazilian private sector that seeks to understand, protect and manage its dependency and its impacts on biodiversity through the collective implementation of new international frameworks, targets and legislation. Among the companies that have already confirmed participation are Bracell, Natura, Petrobras, Lojas Renner S.A. and Vale, but the program remains open to new interested companies. The platform is a partnership with the WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development), the TNFD (Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures) and the Nature Climate Alliance.

“The initiative represents an opportunity for associates to play a leading role in the protection and management of vital ecosystems for their operations, offering a platform to drive actions with the government, companies and civil society, including the development of goals based on science, guidance for companies for actions with a positive impact, consistent and reliable in relation to nature”, says the executive director of CEBDS, Ricardo Mastroti.

The platform also foresees a collective action pilot to accelerate investments in the voluntary carbon market with the development of an unprecedented map that shows the quality and integrity of Natural Climate Solutions, a partnership with WBCDS, Future Carbon Group, Biofílica Ambipar Environment , IPAM,, and others.

Among the expected results are, in addition to the map, training companies to invest in the voluntary market and leverage Nature-Based Solutions with carbon sequestration capacity in the region. “We have a robust portfolio, with more than twenty projects of high quality climate solutions based on nature in the REDD+ modality in the Amazon biome. Participating in valuable exchanges with the CEBDS group and the WBCSD international community will leverage our expertise in advising companies with Net zero and Nature positive strategies based on natural climate solutions”, emphasizes Cinthia Caetano, Corporate VP of Future Carbon Group.

When it comes to the Brazilian position in the field of international relations, a positive performance in terms of biodiversity reflects on the country’s environmental image abroad and also on the economic sustainability of sectors such as agriculture and industry – highly dependent on natural resources – in addition to impact future perspectives for investments and the access of Brazilian products to foreign markets. “The current global scenario of predatory exploitation puts activities such as food production, research into new medicines and cosmetics, recharging sources of drinking water, scientific and genetic innovation and the supply of raw materials for activities at risk. commercial and industrial areas”, says Henrique Luz, technical manager of CEBDS.