By Writing Team
Posted in March 2, 2024

The five episodes on the topic of Circular Economy from the videocast “Deu Química!” produced by Onono®, BASF’s Center for Scientific and Digital Experiences, are now available. What is circular economy, consumer engagement, social impact, waste pickers and cooperatives, and the role of industry are among the topics covered in the series, which can be accessed on YouTube, Spotify, and Onono+. In these conversations, guests also share their challenges and success stories to inspire and engage new participants in the various value chains.

In the first episode, Ornella Nitardi, Manager of Open Innovation and Digital Ecosystems, Onono BASF, seeks to answer “What is Circular Economy?”. The discussion addresses the principles of this innovative economic model, challenges, opportunities, and experiences from Cecília Seravalli, Sustainability Manager at Nestlé, and Gabriel Estevam, Head of Innovation at Ambipar.

In “Consumer: The Dilemma of Each One in the Circular Economy”, Ana Michi, Manager of Sustainability and Social Commitment at BASF for Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay, hosts Raissa Pinati do Nascimento, Operations Specialist, Circular Economy and Waste Management at Trashin, and Marcos Iorio, Deputy Director of CCD Circula, who explore the roles within the circular economy, social commitment, and awareness on how to better direct waste to favor circularity.

The third episode addresses “Circular Economy and Social Impact”, opening up the possibility of promoting better living conditions for people, the main social challenges, and how technology is a strong ally in strengthening this chain in the conversation between Tereza Montenegro, President of Cooper Viva Bem, Elaine Santana, Manager of Social Responsibility and Human Rights at Braskem, and Caroline Lima, Manager of Sustainability and Social Commitment for South America at BASF.

Expanding the approach on new models that favor positive social impact, Xis Catalita, Market Intelligence and Insights Coordinator at BASF hosts Roger Koeppl, Founder and President of Yougreen, and Erich Burger, Founder and Business Development Director of Recicleiros, to discuss “The Links of the Circular Economy: Waste Pickers and Cooperatives”. This fourth episode comments on the reality of waste pickers, reverse logistics, and cooperatives as strategic partners in waste management and social inclusion.

To close the series, Rafael Viñas, Business Manager in Circular Economy at BASF, evaluates “The Role of Industry in the Circular Economy” featuring the success story of the bar cosmetics company B.O.B., told by Guilherme Dias Gonzaga, Partner and Head of Supply and R&D at the company. Besides the importance of partnerships between companies to promote the circular economy, they discuss related UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ways to engage consumers, one of the key links for the success of circularity.